1 Kings 14:8 Despising God’s Blessings

I tore the kingdom away from the house of David and gave it to you, but you have not been like my servant David, who kept my commands and followed me with all his heart, doing only what was right in my eyes. 1 Kings 14:8

When a person is given something by someone else, he is expected to honor the gift and the person who gave it. It is not expected that he will throw out the gift, nor talk bad about the person who gave it. Acting in this way will be considered rude, inconsiderate and ungrateful.

Ahijah had brought word to King Jeroboam that God had taken the kingdom from the family of David and gave it to him, but he chose to refuse to obey God and follow Him with all of his heart.

Blessings come from God on a daily basis to those who are willing to follow Him. While some of the greatest blessings are not physical, many are physical blessings. Often those blessings are things taken from those in the world not following Him, to bless His people.

Recognizing that those blessings came from the Lord is the first step in honoring God with those blessings. Many feel as though they got the blessings themselves or that they deserve those blessings.

When this occurs, many will choose to continue in the ways of the world, turning to false gods, rather than to God. They begin to trust in the blessings and themselves, rather than trusting in God and obeying God with all of their heart, despising the blessing that was given to them.

True believers will recognize what God has given them and honor God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength. Turning away to false gods will not be an option in their lives.

If you take time to examine your life, you will most likely be able to see how God has blessed you in many ways. Some of those ways are with things that He has taken from the world and given to you.

In your time of blessing, do not despise His gifts to you and turn back to the ways of the world. Just as quickly as He gave you those gifts, God can remove them. Show gratefulness to God by choosing to obey His word and doing what is right in His eyes.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God has given you; that you will honor God with all of your life; that God will give you strength to do what is right in His eyes; and that God will guide you in using what He has blessed you with for His glory and honor.

1 Kings 13:21 Have You Kept God’s Word?

He cried out to the man of God who had come from Judah, “This is what the Lord says: You have defied the word of the Lord and have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you.” 1 Kings 13:21

People are given commands or directions to follow every day. Many will follow the commands very well, but many will also reject those directions and do it their own way.

At the job, doing it one’s own way may get them fired from the job. Everyone is expected to follow the directions and commands of the boss or leader.

A man of God was sent to Jeroboam to give a message and then go straight home without stopping to eat or drink. A prophet deceived him, and he ate with the prophet. The prophet told him that he had defied God’s word and not obeyed His commands.

Workers are often told to do something that does not make sense to them. They cannot see the bigger picture that the boss can see and understand to cause him to give a command that does not make sense.

In the same way, God will often give a simple command that does not make sense, often defying logic. It did not make sense why the man of God could not stop and eat on his trip, yet when he did it cost him his life.

Just as in the workplace, many believers choose to not completely obey all the commands of God. They feel that they know what is best or that maybe they heard God wrong or that God made a mistake with them and choose to do things their own way.

True believers will obey God’s commands no matter what the cost or how little sense it makes. Their trust is in God, not themselves.

As you choose to walk with God, there will come times when God will give you a command that appears to defy all logic. When this occurs, you must remember that God’s ways and thoughts are above yours. He sees the bigger picture and knows what is best for you.

Do not allow yourself to go the way of the world and do things your own way, rejecting the command of God to you. Step out in obedience and trust the ways of God as being the best for you and obey His commands.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the commands God gives you to; that you will obey God with your whole life; and that you will not defy any of the commands of God.

1 Samuel 13:12 Feeling Compelled

“I thought, ‘Now the Philistines will come down against me at Gilgal, and I have not sought the Lord’s favor.’ So I felt compelled to offer the burnt offering.” 1 Samuel 13:12

In difficult situations people will often feel compelled to do something that is normally not to be done. There is a pressure to break the rules to make something happen. People will quickly justify their reasons for breaking the rules to get something done. Often these rules have small affects, while other times they have a major effect causing very negative repercussions in many ways.

Saul had been waiting on Samuel to come to offer a sacrifice. Since Samuel had not come yet and the Philistines were against him, he made the sacrifice himself, something only the prophet or priest was to do.

It is very common for people to want to cut corners to make something happen a certain way. People look at it as not being wrong since it is still getting the job done, even though often it is breaking the rules.

This is done due to the high pressure to be successful no matter what it takes.

Believers can sometimes fall into this same trap. They will choose to take a situation into their own hands, compelled to do something rather than waiting upon God’s timing and obeying what He said to do or not do.

The only time a believer should act upon something he is feeling compelled to do is when it is from the Holy Spirit.
Everything else may be sin.

Obedience to God takes precedence over anything else that a believer may feel compelled or pressured by the world to do. The moment one disobeys God, he has sinned against God and begins to lose God’s favor in his life.

There may be times when you may be compelled to take things into your own hands and go against God’s commands to you. Keep your heart and ears open to hearing what God wants you to do and do that.

Do not allow yourself to be deceived into being compelled to break God’s commands. Know and trust that God is in control and knows the best time and way for everything to occur in your life. God is faithful and will never break His word or His commands to you.

In the end God will work all things out for your good and His kingdom.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God is commanding you to do; that you will be led by the Holy Spirit in all that you do; and that God will give you strength to obey His every command to you.

Exodus 9:24 Will You Harden Your Heart Again?

When Pharaoh saw that the rain and hail and thunder had stopped, he sinned again: He and his officials hardened their hearts. Exodus 9:24

During times that are disastrous or difficult, people will claim that they will do nearly anything and everything just to get out of the hard times. Promises will be made to clear the path out of danger.

Yet, when the danger or disaster is over, the promises are forgotten, and their hearts are hardened. They go back to what was done before, which may have brought on the danger in the first place.

God had poured down hail and rain upon the Egyptians, causing much damage, due to Pharaoh refusing to let the Israelites go. He ‘repented’ of his sin, but as soon as it stopped hailing, he hardened his heart and sinned again, not letting the Israelites go.

Believers often know what God requires of them and His commands, but do not want to obey them, wanting to do their own thing. Choosing to follow the ways of the world, many will live in sin, rather than truly following God, though claiming to believe in God.

This is something that continues until there is some great disaster or trouble in their lives. Immediately upon getting hit by trouble, many will cry out to God, promising to obey Him and do what He says to do, if He will remove the trouble. As soon as the trouble is over, they forget their promise and step back into their sin again.

Acting in this way is treading upon the grace of God and treating it with contempt. It is ignoring the lengths to which Jesus went to remove the sin and meet one’s needs.

True believers will hold to their word and flee all sin, obeying God with their whole lives. They will not allow their hearts to be hardened again.

Throughout your life there will be times of trouble and hardships. These times can and will be extremely difficult.

As you cry out to God for help, remember your prayers and promises to God. He is there to help you, but His first goal is to get you away from all sin, not to make a way for you to sin more.

Do not allow your heart to be hardened and continue in sin against God. Have a softened heart that follows after God, not sin.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s hand at work in your life; that you will call out to God in times of trouble; that God will strengthen you to not harden your heart; and that you will obey God and flee all sin.