May 24, 2020 Verse Of The Day

Luke 9_23-24

Job 6:10 Refusing To Deny God’s Word

Old bible

Then I would still have this consolation–my joy in unrelenting pain–that I had not denied the words of the Holy One. Job 6:10 

Going through pain or suffering will often change a lot of people. It can change how they think and act. It is very common when a person is suffering from a bad headache, that they will act irrationally towards other people. They will get angry very easily and snap at others. They are not focused very well on their emotions.

Extreme pain or suffering will often cause people to be blinded to the truth. All they see and feel at the moment is pain and no hope. They forget the truth about life.

Job was going through extreme troubles, pain and suffering. He wanted God to take his life, so that he would die without denying God’s word. He was so focused on following God, that he would rather die than deny God and His word. God’s word showed hope and a future.

Sadly many people who go through extreme suffering often begin to deny God’s word. They forget that God loves them no matter what they are going through. They forget that God is with them in the suffering. They forget that in the end they will have eternal life with God in heaven.

All of this forgetting is because they are focused on the pain, rather than on God and His word. In the process of forgetting God’s word, they deny it. They deny the power of God’s word in their lives. Usually they feel as if God has abandoned them, though His word says He will never leave or forsake them.

Believers need to stand firmly upon God’s word in their lives. They need to trust that God’s word is true, regardless of what is going on around them or in their lives.

During times that you will or are going through difficult times in your life, stay focused on what God’s word says. Refuse to deny what He has said about you and to you.

You are His child and He loves you. Nothing you can say, do, or go through will change that. He also has a place reserved for you in heaven if you do not give up and deny His words.

As you are suffering, turn towards God in prayer and in worship. Know that despite what is happening, He has your best interest in mind. Don’t deny God.

I pray today that you will know God’s love towards you; that you will trust God’s words to you; that you will not deny God or His words in your life; and that God will give you strength through all difficult times. 

Matthew 26:74 Denying Jesus

“Then he began to call down curses, and he swore to them, I don’t know the man! Immediately the rooster crowed.” Matthew 26:74

Jesus had just been arrested and taken into custody. The leaders were in the process of trying Him in the court. Many people were around watching what was going on.

Most of the disciples had scattered and went into hiding. Peter gets up close and watches. As he is watching people notice him and know he was with Jesus and confront him about it. Peter denies ever knowing Jesus.

It is easy for a person to look back at Peter and get upset with him. After all he had seen and been through with Jesus, how could he ever deny knowing Jesus? He even got to walk on water with Jesus. Who gets to do that one?

Even in spite of all he had seen and done, he does deny Jesus. Jesus had even stated that Peter would do this before the rooster crowed three times.

Before you point an accusing finger at Peter, take a look at your own life. Yes, before you knew Jesus, you did deny knowing Him, but what about after you had come to know Jesus?

Many Christians will not directly, openly deny Jesus like Peter did with actual denial words, but they still will deny Him in other ways.

When you meet someone, do you make sure you take a moment to share Jesus with him/her? Or do you deny Jesus and remain silent?

When you see someone in need, do you try to help out in any way you can? Or do you deny Jesus and look the other way and let someone else do it?

When you are alone and an opportunity to do a sinful act, do you flee from it and run to Jesus? Or do you deny Jesus and do it anyway?

Each of these ways and many more are quiet ways that you can deny Jesus.

Look at what Jesus did for you: dying a crucified death publicly on the cross. Do you have the right to deny Him publicly now? Do you feel you should deny knowing Him in others?

Do not deny Jesus as Peter did. Live your life as a witness of who Jesus is. Do not let fear get the best of you, trust God.

I pray today that you will promise not to deny Jesus anymore; that you will seek ways to be His witness; that you will talk about Jesus all the time; that God will strengthen you by His Holy Spirit; and that God will build His kingdom through you.