Job 13:7 Speaking Wrong Words For God

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Will you speak wickedly on God’s behalf? Will you speak deceitfully for him? Job 13:7

Speaking for another person is a common practice among people all over the world. Someone says something and everyone talks about it and reinterprets what the person is saying to meet their own agenda or thoughts.

This can be see in the news and social media all the time. A famous person makes a statement about something meaning one thing, and half the online media turns it around to say something different and shreds the person up.

It is also seen in the level of just a family. A parent says something, and one sibling takes and runs with it against another sibling, making it something it was never supposed to be.

As Job was going through an extremely tough time, losing everything, he had some ‘friends’ come by to give some counsel. Their focus was that Job must have sinned some great sin to cause God to strike him so. They were speaking lies on behalf of God, sin had nothing to do with what was occurring in his life.

These types of words and more are very common among believers in a church. People are very quick to judge someone on God’s behalf, often not knowing the full story. In reality, no one can fully understand what God is doing and why He does it. His ways and thoughts are way above any person’s ways and thoughts.

People are also very quick to judge those outside the church in ways that are not always truth. In doing this, they are not showing any compassion or love, both of which God is known for. Jesus did not just go around constantly condemning, but showed love and compassion for the people. There is a time for judgement, but it is not all the time.

Think about the things that you say and do in God’s name as a believer. Things that you state that God has said. Are you taking everything within context or are you twisting God’s words to meet a personal agenda?

Study God’s word from beginning to end. Learn what God’s heart is like and how He acts and reacts to things. As you fill your heart with His word and His love, you will begin to speak the right words each and every time. You will not speak lies or deceit when giving counsel to another person.

I pray today that you will know God’s word; that you will know God’s love and compassion; that you will speak God’s word correctly; and that you will not say or do anything God has not directed you to do or say. 


2 Corinthians 11:13-14 False Worker Of Light


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For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerades as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:13-14

Paul talked about some people being in the church acting like they were apostles of Christ, yet they were only acting like that. They were teaching false teachings and deceiving the people, all while claiming that they were doing it for Jesus.

Since that time, there are still people who claim to be a believer, yet, are just false apostles and workers. They appear to be good believers because they do know a bunch of scriptures from the bible. They can quote the bible and tell a person why they are a Christian.

Yet, while they claim all of this, they are teaching false teachings. There are many people in the world who rightfully claim that God loves them, which is true. Then they teach because God loves them, they can do whatever they want, regardless of whether it is a sin or not.

There are ministers of the gospel message, who lead churches, that will state it is acceptable to live as a homosexual or lesbian and still be a believer in Jesus. Others will state that is acceptable to gossip, as long as you pray for the person afterwards. Many will state it is acceptable to break a law of the land that has nothing against God’s word. All of these, and many more, are openly saying that it is acceptable to sin against God with no remorse.

This comes as no surprise, because Satan, himself, acts like he is a messenger of God. These are false prophets and preachers, who deceive people into living the way of the world and not like Jesus.

As a believer, you must work to ensure that your life lines up with the life of Jesus and the word of God. Along with that you do not want to allow yourself to be deceived into following false teachings.

The best way to ensure these things is to stay in the center of God’s word and open to hearing His Holy Spirit guide you. Pattern your life after the life of Jesus. Do not allow yourself to be led down the wrong path. The world is seeking to lead you away from God, even while inside some church.

Know the truth and live by the truth.

I pray today that you will know God’s word for your life; that your life will be one like that of Jesus; that you will be guided by God’s Holy Spirit; that you will not be deceived by false teachings; and that you will be a true messenger of God’s light–Jesus.

Psalm 51:10 A Pure Heart

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

In this psalm, David is asking God to cleanse him of all sin and make him new. He knew that he needed a pure heart and that only God could do that for him. Years later Jeremiah would make the statement that the heart is deceitful and that no one could understand it.

There are many people in the world who have very deceitful hearts. They say that they are friends with a person, but only to get something for themselves. Gangs lure a person into them by saying that they are family and care for them. The reality is that the person is being used for doing wrong. On the outside they appear to show caring, but in the heart they may be ready to kill.

It is easy for a person to be led wrong by his own heart and no one to see what is happening. People can do very good things for all the wrong reasons. On the surface it appears as if they are really serving God and others, but on the inside it is for selfish reasons. These are things that come from an un-pure heart.

Man is born into sin with a dirty heart. God has to come in and give a person a new heart that is pure. Once this happens, the person will have a steadfast spirit in him. He will stay strong and true to God for all of the right reasons.

Getting a pure heart is not an easy process. It takes you letting go of your own self and your own desires. You must release your control and let God have complete control of your life. Allow God to have all the glory and praise for everything. After all, everything is about Him, for Him, and by Him.

How does your heart look today?

Is it filled with the wrong desires and motives?

Or is it filled with the desires of God?

Ask God to create in you a new heart. He wants to give you a new heart of flesh with a new spirit. He can make you a new creation.

I pray today that God will give you a pure heart; that you will allow God control of your heart and life; that you will stand strong and true for God; and that you will be a new person for God.

Hebrews 3:13 Encourage Daily

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Hebrews 3:13

The author of Hebrews had just stated that a believer must not harden his heart like the Jews did in the wilderness. Now with that warning, he tells the believers to encourage each other so that their hearts do not get hardened.

What does he mean to encourage each other? It is to encourage each other to continue to serve God, to believe in Jesus. It is to encourage each other to continue to turn away from sinful ways.

When a person is running a long distance race, he often will need encouragement to continue to the end. There will be stretches that are difficult and may cause the runner to stop. There will be times when there will be a severe pain in the side causing him to want to stop the race. If there are people on the side of him encouraging him to keep going, he most likely will. The encouragement gives that extra boost to keep going correctly.

In life there will be many challenges you must face as a believer. The challenges of just life, nothing directly against God, such as paying the bills on time. These challenges have sometimes been so great that a believer stops trusting God because nothing is going right. This is where another believer must step up and encourage him to keep going.

There are also times when you or a friend may be facing temptations to go the wrong direction or do the wrong thing. This is where you must step up and encourage him or be encouraged to do the right thing.

This is not condemning the person, pointing out his wrongs, but encouraging to follow Jesus. Show love and Jesus to the person. This will encourage him to stay with and follow Jesus.

When encouraged like this, it will keep the heart from being hardened. It will keep you from falling into sinful practice. Keep your heart soft towards Jesus. Encourage others to keep their hearts soft towards Jesus.

Every day talk about Jesus and His Words. Continue to sing songs of praise around others. This will keep your heart and the hearts of others focused on Jesus.

I pray today that you will be encouraged to continue to follow Jesus; that you will be an encouragement to others for Jesus; that you will keep your heart soft for Jesus; and that you will not be caught up in sin’s deceitfulness.

Matthew 13:22 Seeds Among Thorns

“The seed falling among thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful.” Matthew 13:22

This verse continues the parable Jesus told about the sower and the seed. This seed falls among the thorns.

If you have ever tried to grow a garden, you know how bad thorns can be in it. Usually thorns are found on a vine. Once thorns pop up in a garden, it is very difficult to get rid of them.

The vines will wrap themselves around every plant, and around the fence of the garden. As they wrap around, they also tighten down choking the plant off. When you try to pull off the vine, you get poked very badly from the thorns on it.

Jesus points out that when the gospel message goes out there are many that hear it and accept it. Later, however, thorns in life pop up and make it unfruitful.

Two very large thorns in life are worries and deceitfulness of wealth.

How often do you worry about something? Worry about your job situation; your health; someone else’s health; your children; the crime; the government; the economy; and many other things.

When you worry, you take your eyes off of God and try to take control of things yourself. Giving enough time, this will pull you away from believing in Jesus.

Wealth is neither good nor bad. It is the chasing after it that can be bad. How often does a person state that if he could just make a little more everything would be alright?

Many people are willing to work 60-70 hours a week, or be gone for 2 weeks or more at a time, just to make more money. The world states you need to make more money to be happy. This is not true. It will crush your belief and trust in God.

Only following Jesus can make you happy. Only doing God’s desire will bring about true joy. Allow God’s word to be fruitful in your life by not worrying or chasing after wealth.

In this life you will have everything you need and more if you follow and trust in Jesus. Don’t let the thorns of this life choke you.

I pray today that God will make Himself more real to you; that you will see that God is in absolute control; that you do not need to worry about anything; that God will reveal to you the deceitfulness of chasing wealth; and that God will make you fruitful in His kingdom.

1 Peter 2:1 What to Get Rid Of

“Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.” 1 Peter 2:1

The chapter before Peter writes that you are to be holy and to love others. Now he gives you a list of things to get rid of in your life. First is malice. Malice is wickedness, evil, trouble, or the underlying principle of evil which is present–even when not outwardly expressed. Every person has an inclination to evil because of the fall of Adam. How many times have you wished a person would die because of something bad he did to you? This is the malice you are to get rid of.

Next is deceit. This is the deceiving of other people. Most people in the church will state that they are not deceiving people. How often do you make statements that make you appear “good” and “righteous” when you are not really following those statements? Many people will state that they are doing good when in reality their day is horrible. This is deceit. Get rid of deceit.

Next is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is stating to do one thing while in reality doing something different. Often a person will state he is following Jesus, but in the very next breath curse someone or a situation. Some will speak against gossip while spreading gossip under the guise of prayer. Get rid of hypocrisy.

Next is envy. Envy is the displeasure a person has at another person’s gain. It is wanting what someone else has for your own glory. It can also be glorying in someone else’s misfortune. Remember you are to love everyone with the love God has for you–a self-sacrificing love. Do not be envious of what someone else has or what has happened to him. Get rid of envy.

Last is slander of every kind. Simply put, this is talking bad about someone else in order to hurt him. Slander is seen all the time in the news, all types of media, and entertainment. It is cutting someone else down to make you look better. Again where is love in slandering someone? When the leaders brought the prostitute to Jesus, He did not slander her by speaking of what she had done. Jesus lifted her up and told her to change and forgave her. You can find good to speak of every person, find that good and speak it. Get rid of all slander.

Today seek God in help to reveal these sins in your life. Some of these may be more prevalent than others in your life. Seek God for strength to get rid of those He reveals. Be filled with the Holy Spirit to change your heart, desires and actions.

I pray that today God will reveal sin in your life; that God will give you the strength to change your thoughts and actions to follow His; that you will act and speak in true love to every person you come in contact with; and that God will help you to have His loving heart towards all other people.