Psalm 103:2-3 Don’t Forget The Benefits

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Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits–who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, Psalm 103:2-3 

Benefits are things that help a person out. Some benefits are very large and can be seen all the time very well, while others can still be great, but are not as openly seen.

Some companies will have side benefits that a person can take part of if they work with the company. Benefits such as discounts with certain stores. When a person begins to work with the company, he will be told about all the benefits, but often will forget them later on. This forgetting occurs because he either never uses or rarely uses the benefit.

David tells himself to praise the Lord and to not forget the benefits of Him. He then begins to list several benefits of God. The first is that He forgives all sins, then He heals all diseases.

Being forgiven of sin can become such a commonplace thing in the life of a believer, that he can forget about what a great benefit that is. That is probably the greatest benefit of following Jesus.

Without forgiveness, one cannot get into heaven at all and have eternal life. Without forgiveness, one cannot know the peace of God in his life. Without forgiveness, all one can look forward to is death and destruction.

Believers will often forget about being forgiven. They will either condemn themselves because of some past sin, forgetting that they were forgiven, or they will ignore the forgiveness and stay in the sin.

Jesus paid the price for all sin, so that every person can be forgiven and healed. One should keep that at the forefront of his mind. This will give him strength to keep living for God when things get tough and the enemy is attacking.

The list of benefits that you have in following God is enormous. When you begin to question God or are struggling in life, think about the benefits you have in Him. Think about how much Jesus has already done for you and will continue to do for you.

You have access to the power of God in your life each and every day because you have been forgiven and been made a child of God. You get all the benefits of heaven and God each and every day.

As you think about these benefits and more, praise God. Give Him praise for His great love for you and His benefits to you.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know the benefits of God in your life; that you will know the forgiveness Jesus offers you; and that you will praise God every day. 

Galatians 6:8 Sowing For Eternal Life


Corn field

Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Sowing is the process of planting a seed in order to reap a larger harvest in the future. It is taking something very small and planting it so that it will grow larger and bring in a greater investment.

Farmers are known for sowing seeds to grow various crops. In the business world, people sow money into the business to generate more business and more income. Investors tell people to sow into, put money in, some type of fund to increase their retirement earnings. These are some of the things that people sow into in order to have more later on.

People also sow into other things that are not always the best. They focus their lives on sinful things. They try to please themselves with the things of this world, rather than the things of God. They seek out ways to get immediate pleasure for themselves. Watching and listening to things that are destructive to the spirit. Engaging in sinful activities for a temporary pleasure. Seeking to build themselves up, rather than God’s kingdom.

Living like this will also have a reaping time. It will bring about destruction in the end.

The believer has his focus on sowing the things of God, building His kingdom. This is seen in love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and spreading the gospel message. These are things that will last for eternity. They will also reap eternal life.

Instead of focusing on pleasing self, as the world is striving to do, the believer is focused on please God. He is constantly asking how he can please God with what God has placed in his life. He is sowing into the lives of other people and building them up.

As a believer you must look at what your goal is and what you are sowing into. What are you investing into?

If you are focusing on the things of this world, you are sowing into this world only temporary things and bringing about destruction in the end.

If you are focusing on God and His kingdom, you are sowing into His kingdom, which is eternal and will reap an eternal life.

Take what you have, both physical and spiritual, and invest it into God’s kingdom for an eternal reward.

I pray today that God will show you ways to sow into His kingdom; that you will focus on the eternal things of God; that God will show you how to please Him; and that all you do will please God.

Romans 6:21 No Benefit

What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death! Romans 6:21

Very often believers turn their backs on God to go back into sin for a time. They do not deny God forever, but just for a time in order to do some sinful act.

In this passage, Paul is asking what benefit a person receives from doing this type of action.

Sinful acts bring a short-term “fun” in life. Going out and doing a sinful act may be fun for a moment, but in the end it has a heavy price tag that is no fun…death.

Things may seem fun and beneficial at the moment of doing them. An extreme example is a man who robs the bank. At the moment he is very wealthy and still free. He most likely will be caught by the police eventually and put into jail for a time. Ultimately he will stand before God and be punished for eternity if he does not repent of the sin.

Every person has their sins that they had liked doing at one time. Every sin seems to be good, fun, and worthwhile at the time. Once you become a believer, your past is now your past.

The ways you once sinned should be gone. The temptations to go back to those sins will rise up at times. Other people will attempt to get you to go back into those sins. The devil will try to get you to sin again.

Yet, as Paul says, there is no benefit doing those sinful acts. In the next few verses, he brings out that all sin does is bring about death. The wages of sin are death.

What do you want in life? Do you want a temporary fun time? Or do you want an eternity of fun?

Do you want death? Or do you want life?

Choose life. Choose to turn away from old sinful habits. Choose to be a slave to Jesus and His righteousness. Choose what will have lasting benefits that are worth it.

I pray today that you will see the choices being made in your life that turn you from Jesus; that you will choose to serve Jesus; that you will turn away from old sinful habits; and that you will be a slave to Jesus and His righteousness.