1 Thessalonians 1:4 Chosen By God

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For we know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that he has chosen you, 1 Thessalonians 1:4

Being chosen, especially by someone important, is something many people desire. There are a lot of people who can remember times when they were in school and were not chosen. The students would play some sport with two team captains, and that person was always the last one chosen. Pain would run deep and usually for a lifetime of bad memory.

Although it is most common to hear about not being chosen in children, adults have the same problem. A hard working person is overlooked for a promotion, or a person’s work is ignored or rejected. People do not like to not be chosen.

When a person is in a high profile meeting, he gets excited when he is chosen to be able to speak to the highest level person. He gets excited when he is approached by the leader.

The thing that excites each person is different, but each person has a desire to be chosen and recognized. It shows care, concern, friendship, and value.

Being chosen in this world is a good thing, however, there is one who has chosen people that makes it the ultimate, highest in value. God has chosen people of this earth to be a part of His family, to be His child. The value of this is infinitely high!

Not every believer in Jesus fully realizes what has happened to him. Yes, it could be very awesome to be chosen by the president or leader of a nation, however, God is much greater. God is the One who created the earth and everything in it. He is the One who has the ultimate power and authority over all created things. And He has chosen each person to be His child.

God has chosen you to be His child. You may not be a person who has been chosen by people on this earth as of any value, yet, God has chosen you. He has deemed you of such high value, that He allowed His Son Jesus to be killed so that you may have life and life for all eternity.

God’s love is greater than any person on this earth could ever show you. His authority and power is above any position on this earth. Knowing this, praise God because He has chosen you!

I pray today that you will know the love God has for you; that you will know that you are chosen by God; that you will know how much God values you; and that you will share that love and value with others.

Acts 22:14 Chosen To Know

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“Then he said: ‘The God of our ancestors has chosen you to know his will and to see the Righteous One and to hear words from his mouth.'” Acts 22:14

Saul had an encounter with Jesus. He was told by Jesus to see Ananias to find out what was next. Ananias told him that God had chosen him to know His will, see Jesus, and hear the words from God directly. Later Saul becomes Paul, who wrote half of the New Testament books.

People like to have knowledge. They want to know what is going on and the purpose behind it. They want to know how to repair things. They want to know what is going to happen in the days to come.

There are many different reasons for wanting to know something. Power, greed, safety, protection, or pride cause people to want to know something.

God wants people to know what He knows. God is there to share information with people. He has all the knowledge that there ever was or ever can be.

Some people believe that God is out there in some mystic unknown and cannot be known, yet, God wants to be known by every person. Jesus stepped out of heaven and eternity in order to live on this earth and make it possible for every person to be able to step into heaven and eternity.

Every believer has been chosen by God to know Him, Jesus and His words. In fact, God has chosen every person to know Jesus, yet, not every person will choose to know Jesus. Others will not be given the opportunity to know Jesus.

There may be times when you feel like God has left you, but God is still there. He chose you to know Him in a personal way. He wants you to know and understand what He has for you, both in this life and in eternity in heaven.

For you to know what God has for you, all you have to do is be willing to read the Bible, pray and listen. God will tell you what is going on and what He wants you to do.

The most important thing for you to do is build your relationship with God more and more each day.

The second most important thing for you to do is be a witness of who Jesus is.

You are chosen to know.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know God’ purpose for your life; that you will know God in a personal way; and that you will know God’s word more.