Acts 6:15 Glowing In The Face Of Slander

All who were sitting in the Sanhedrin looked intently at Stephen, and they saw that his face was like the face of an angel. Acts 6:15

People who do not like someone else are quick to slander someone else. They want to cut the other person down, in hopes to build themselves up.

One of the most common ways people slander other people is with lies. Lies are spread about the person in the attempt to destroy the person’s reputation and character. How a person responds to those lies will reveal the true character of that person.

Stephen had been preaching about Jesus and many people were beginning to believe in and follow Jesus. Some hated his preaching and spread lies about him. As they brought him to trial, his face looked like one of an angel.

When slander is spread about a person, the most common reaction is anger and retaliation. The person slandered tries to strike back and destroy the enemy out of anger and hurt. This type of action can be seen in the world and inside the church.

Neither Jesus, nor Stephen retaliated in this way. They responded in love, control and the wisdom of God. While it is easy to understand why a person would strike back out of anger, it does not promote the things of God. Striking back in anger does not reveal the character of God.

Believers are to be loving and quick to forgive. Stephen was very calm and at peace when he began to speak in his defense against his accusers.

A soft answer that is filled with the truth of God will destroy the lies and slander of the enemy. It will expose the corruption and plans of the enemy, even if it does not stop the plans of the enemy.

Going through life as a believer will cause you to have some enemies. The world does not like you to stand strong and true to the standards of God and will sometimes do what they can to slander and destroy you.

You have a choice as to how you will respond. Acting like the world, you can respond in anger, fighting back. Or you can act like Jesus, responding in God’s wisdom and love.

God’s wisdom and love will prevail over anything the enemy throws your way. You may or may not lose your life, but you will remain true to God and gain eternal life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that God will give you words to speak in light of slander; that God will give you strength to love as He loves; and that you will allow God to control your reactions to the world’s attacks.

Jonah 4:4 Is It Right For You To Be Angry?

Angry baby

But the Lord replied, “Is it right for you to be angry?” Jonah 4:4 

Anger is something that is seen everywhere a person goes. No matter where one goes, there appears to be someone angry about something. While most of the time it is silent angry, with just a look on the face and no real action, there is still anger.

People are angry about how slow someone is driving, or how long the checkout line is, the sudden change in weather, what is being said in the news, or some other reason. Most often anger is because someone is not getting their way in some situation.

Once Jonah had preached to the people of Nineveh, the people had repented and God had relented on destroying the city. As this occurred Jonah was very angry with God. God asked Jonah if it was right for Jonah to be angry.

As said, most people get angry about something because it did not go their way. They wanted or expected things to go a certain way and they did not, so they get upset and angry.

It is common for people, including believers, to get angry with God, because God did not act or do something they way that they had desired and prayed for. They had in their mind the way it should be handled and God did it differently.

There have been many people who have walked away from God and quit serving Him because He did not do something the way they desired. The reasons can be many, such as someone was not healed, someone died, a provision was not made in a certain way, or some other reason.

For the believer to be angry with God is to be selfish and refusing to believe God is in control. When things do not go a certain way or as expected, the believer must trust God knows what is going on and is still in control, rather than get angry. See the situation through God’s eyes.

In your life there will be times when God will not act in just the way you think He should. Do not get angry with God. Ask God to reveal to you why His way is the better way. See the situation through His eyes of perfect love and perfection.

God sees the bigger picture and His goal is one of eternity, not just the temporary. Trust God, rather than get angry, which can lead to sin.

I pray today that you will trust God is in control; that you will trust God knows what is best for every situation; that you will know God’s great love; and that you will not get angry with God’s choices in your life.