Psalm 90:1 Our Dwelling Place

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Psalm 90:1

One place that most people desire to have is a home where they can dwell in. This needs to be a place in which one can relax, feel safe and get the needed rest from a day of work in some other location. Many people do not have such a place. The home that they go to is filled with anger, jealousy, separation, pain, suffering and bad memories. It is not a place to rest in and be able to live in with peace and comfort.

Moses tells God that He has been their dwelling place for all generations in this passage.

The world often believes that their physical home is supposed to be their place of rest and security. It is supposed to be filled with things that people like and want. Yet, very seldom is the world able to make the home that way. Sin is allowed in that corrupts the home and destroys all true peace and comfort.

Instead of making this physical world their dwelling place, believers are to make God their dwelling place. Rest, in the midst of chaos and busyness, is found in God. Peace, amongst turmoil and trouble is found in God. Safety, in the middle of danger, is found in God. Hope, in a world filled with despair, is found in God. Forgiveness, while being judged, is found in God.

God existed before all creation and knows what is best for each and every individual. He can provide more abundantly than the world everything that a person needs in every area of life. Dwelling in God gives the person what one needs to make it through this life of trouble, pain and suffering.

You most likely live in some physical dwelling place you call your home. It may be a place you enjoy or a place of pain. Either way it is just a physical place that you are in for a temporary time. Do not put your focus upon that temporary physical place but put it on God. Make the focus of your life to dwell in God and what He has for you. As you dwell in God you will find the peace, rest, strength, courage, comfort, joy and everything else you need in abundance that the world cannot offer nor understand.

Is God your dwelling place?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will make God your dwelling place; that you will know all that God has for you; and that God will break the pull the world has on you to tear you down.

Picture by Todd Kent on Unsplash

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