Psalm 53:3 No One Does Good

Every one of them has turned aside; they have together become corrupt; there is none who does good, no, not one. Psalm 53:3

The world attempts to paint a picture that people, as a whole, are good. They will admit that there are some who do bad things, but the majority are classified as good. Most people think of themselves as an overall good person trying to do good things and not corrupt in any way. No one likes to think of themselves as a bad and corrupt person that never does anything good. That is a very negative picture about self.

David states that every person has turned aside and become corrupt, not doing any good at all. No one does good.

Comparing oneself to another person it is easy for a person to think that one does good, while another does bad, or one is corrupt and another is not. Looking from a human point of view, people do things at different levels of being good or evil. On the surface, most people appear to be good and striving to do good.

The moment a person brings God into the picture, the view of whether a person is good or not changes drastically. God is perfectly perfect in every way. There is nothing that God thinks, says or does that is evil in any way.

Every person, instead of seeking to live according to God’s perfect and holy way of living, seek to live their lives in their own way. This shows up in pride, selfishness and ultimately sinful ways of living. They do not seek what is perfectly holy and righteous.

Only after a person becomes a believer and allows the Holy Spirit to change one’s spirit, does one begin to seek to do good and follow God’s holy and righteous ways of living. Only in Christ Jesus does a person do good.

You most likely view yourself as an overall good person. You don’t purposefully strive to sin against God or do wrong things. Yet, you still sin and left on your own, you would sin more and become more corrupt and evil.

Do not allow yourself to follow the evil ways of this world, but be changed by the renewing of your spirit by the Holy Spirit in your life. Allow God to guide you in doing what is right and good in His eyes.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will seek to know how to do the good God wants you to do; that you will be led by the Holy Spirit in turning from all evil and corruption; and that you will allow God to change your spirit to follow after Him.

Picture by Rosie Sun on Unsplash

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