Psalm 36:9 Fountain Of Life

For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light. Psalm 36:9

All throughout history people have sought out how to have a longer and better life. Hundreds of stories have been written on tales of some way to gain long life. Although many have sought out long life, many do not know what real living is. In the process of searching for life, all that many find is woes and death with very little joy or satisfaction and no purpose. Everything tends to come up meaningless and a waste of time and effort.

David found out that it is with God that is the fountain of life and that one can see true light.

Ever since Adam and Eve have walked on the earth, people have fought to find life. It is often seen as getting to do what one desires with no consequences or limitations, to be in control. Living in this way only brings about more discontentment and death in the end.

Jesus came, sent by the Father, to give abundant life. He is the fountain of life that David had realized was only to be found in God. John stated that Jesus was the light that came into the world for all to see.

As the world is seeking to find the magic elixir to long life and the right thing to do to have fulfillment in life, believers have it in Christ Jesus. Although God does have restrictions laid out, there is life to be found in those restrictions. God teaches believers how to live a full and abundant life filled with purpose and meaning.

The true fountain of life springs up in the believer as one sees the light of God in Jesus. Being with God is the fountain of eternal life.

As you get older, you will realize how fleeting life is on this earth. You may be wondering what your purpose is and how to really live this temporary life with purpose and meaning.

Look to Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and seek God to know how to live your life. Jesus is the fountain of life and by the Holy Spirit and His Word, He will give you real life. Life will spring up in you today to spread through you to others into eternity with God in heaven.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the life God has for you; that you will see the true light in Jesus; and that being with God will be a fountain of life for you each day.

Picture by Muneer Amed Ok on Unsplash

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