Psalm 32:3 Silence Can Be Wearying

When I kept silent, my bones grew old through my groaning all the day long. Psalm 32:3

Behind closed doors and in one’s own mind, people do things that they should not do and know it is wrong. Since it is behind a closed door and in the mind, most do not think that anyone can know about it or that it will affect them. People will keep silent about anything that they did wrong and feel as if no one else knows about it. Many believe that over time it will disappear or go away.

After talking about confessions to God, David stated that before he confessed his sins, his bones grew old, and he groaned all day long.

Many sins are done in secret or among other people who do not really care about the sin being done. Since the world does not care and most in the church do not see it, many believe it is acceptable and God will forget it.

Those who have chosen to believe in Jesus has God’s Holy Spirit in them touching their hearts and revealing anything that is wrong. This is not to condemn them, but to cause them to run to God for forgiveness and to be restored.

However, many do not choose to run back to God, but hide it in fear of God. They keep silent, hoping that it will be forgotten or that it will go away. As they do that, their spirit will begin to fail, losing sleep, feeling restless and weak. On the outside they may appear to be happy, but inside they are groaning under the weight of their sin.

Instead of being silent about it, because God already knows what one did, one should confess those sins, repent and seek forgiveness. God is ready and willing to forgive and restore those who have fallen into sin.

You, just like everyone else, will sin at times, both in private and in public, in your mind and openly physically. Until you step into heaven and are changed, sin will occur. God knows this and still loves you.

Do not try to hide it and keep silent about it. First, confess those sins to God and seek His forgiveness. Second, if possible, confess any sins you sinned against others with those you sinned against. Allow God to remove the load of guilt and shame of sin and restore you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will reveal secret sins in your heart to you; that you will confess all sins to God; and that you will know God’s redeeming forgiveness in your life.

Picture by Molnar Balint on Unsplash


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