Psalm 19:8 Rejoicing In God’s Commands

The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. Psalm 19:8

In every nation and city around the world there are various laws and regulations that people are expected to follow. Some of these prevent people from doing things, while other laws require people to do certain things. While most people are willing to accept most of these laws, very few actually find joy in them or rejoice over the laws. Often, they are seen as an infringement upon one’s personal freedom and choices.

David says that the statutes or laws of God are right and bring rejoicing to the heart and that the commands of God are pure bringing light to the eyes.

Although many laws step on the freedom of a person and appear to hold one back, many of those laws can also bring about life. Often laws are put into place in order to protect someone from others or from one’s own self. The laws of the world are often faulty and fail to do what is desired and cause more harm than good.

With man’s laws being faulty, many people do not find joy in the laws of God.

Unlike the laws of the world, the laws of God are right and pure. Every command that God gives is out of a pure of heart of pure love for each and every person. His laws and commands bring life to not only the whole, but also to each and every individual believer.

Eyes of the believer will be enlightened to understand how to live the best life possible until stepping into perfection in heaven someday. One can rejoice that God’s laws are put in place to give life, not take it or prevent life.

No matter where you live there are going to be man laws that you must obey. Some of these you may like, while others you do not like. Do not allow the faulty laws of the world shade your view of God’s laws and commands for you.

Recognize that God, out of perfect love, wants only the best for you and only gives you laws and commands that will help you attain that best. Allow God’s commands to enlighten your eyes and give you reason to rejoice, knowing that they are there only to help you live an abundant and full life that will go into eternity.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the laws and commands God has for you; that you will find joy in God’s commands; and that you will know the life God has in store for you.

Picture by Ben White on Unsplash

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