Job 3:25 When Disaster Strikes Hard

For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me. Job 3:25

Disaster is something that no one really looks forward to ever having to go through. Fears of what may occur often are the nightmares people dream about. Imaginations run rampant in what may occur and how things could go horribly wrong.

Going through a major disaster in life can be wearying and weigh a person down. Often when the disaster does occur, many people felt as if that was what they expected with their bad luck.

After Job was struck physically hard in many ways, Job was depressed and stated that what he had feared coming actually came upon him.

No one is completely immune from having a disaster come upon them. At some point in everyone’s life there is some type of major disaster that occurs. It may directly on the individual alone or it may be upon those one loves or cares about. Either way it is painful and often the substance of their fears and nightmares.

The majority of the world closes down and quits out of the pain and suffering. They turn to drugs and other things to help cope with the pain and horror of the situation. Many will even turn to suicide to end it all.

Believers are not immune to suffering. In fact, Jesus promised that there would be trouble in this life.

Fear and dread may come upon the believer when it first occurs, but one needs to stop and look up to God. Jesus and the Father will never leave the believer. He can give strength and peace in the center of the disaster. Trusting in God will remove all fear, though the pain may still remain.

There may have been a time when some great disaster has occurred in your life. If not, there will most likely come that day of major disaster.

Do not allow that disaster to destroy your spirit and turn you away from God. Do not go the way the world does.

When that disaster does occur take time to stop and look to God for strength and comfort. Cry out to God for His comfort and strength to make it through the difficult time in your life. Allow His Holy Spirit to fill you with His peace, knowing that God is in control and is right by your side through it all.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s peace, strength and presence in times of trouble; that you will turn to God in a disaster; that you will trust God in every situation; and that you will not fear what God allows in your life.

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