1 Chronicles 17:18 God Knows You

What more can David say to you for honoring your servant? For you know your servant, 1 Chronicles 17:18

Friends often know their friends and are known by their friends. Co-workers may know the others they work around. After the close friends and co-workers, most people do not know each other.

It is an amazing thing when someone of very high position or popularity knows a person outside of the high positions and popularity. Many people take great pride when someone famous knows them by name or that they are actually friends.

God had just told David about the future of his family line. David was speechless and said that God knew him, His servant. There are two different levels of knowing a person.

The most common level is that one knows the person’s name and a little about who he is or what he does. This is commonly seen in the workplace. All one really knows about someone else is what is seen at the workplace, church or some other common meeting place.

Others know each other as friends and know a lot more about each other. At this level, they know what the person likes, where he lives and some details about his life. Very few attain this level with many people.

Believers may or may not have many friends who really know them here on this earth, but every one of them are known by God in the most intimate way possible. God knows every thought and even the number of hairs on one’s head. He knows and understands the desires one has and the struggles one is going through.

This is the God who created the heavens and earth who knows the believer. He is higher and greater than anyone else on this earth. Believers can be amazed and rejoice in knowing God knows them individually.

Whether you believe in God or not, He knows you more than anyone else can possibly know you. As a believer, you can rest in this fact knowing that God also knows what is best for you and knows your past, present and future.

Put your trust in God and be amazed at how well God knows you. Listen to God and allow Him to be in control, then give Him praise when you see Him do great things in and through you because He really does know you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know how much God really knows you; that you will hear what God says of your life; that you will trust God’s guidance in your life; and that you will give God praise for what He says and does.

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