2 Kings 4:42 What Do You Have?

A man came from Baal Shalishah, bringing the man of God twenty loaves of barley bread baked from the first ripe grain, along with some heads of new grain. “Give it to the people to eat,” Elisha said. 2 Kings 4:42

People who have very little struggle with knowing how to provide what is needed for themselves or for others under their care. All that they can see is what little they have and how much they need. Often, they will turn to others for handouts to gather up enough for what is needed.

A man had brought Elisha twenty loaves of bread and was told by Elisha to give it to a hundred men to eat. They ate and had some left over.

Very few people will be completely responsible for feeding a hundred other people with their own supplies. However, many are responsible for feeding themselves and their family.

Families will go through times of financial struggles in which they have very little money or supplies to provide for their own basic needs. It is common for people in great need to run to the government or other people for assistance. Rarely do people turn first to God to see how He wants to supply their needs.

Supplying needs begins with using what a person has. God has a way of taking a little tiny bit that a person has and multiplying it greatly or making it last longer than normal.

Doing something like this takes first a seeking God’s direction in what to do. Then it takes stepping out in faith and trusting God to meet the need with the little that one has. He may bring it in from others, or He may multiple what one has. Either way provision is met through trust in God and doing it God’s way.

There will be times in your life when you will need to supply something greater than what you have to help those under your care. This can occur in your home, your workplace or your community.

Begin by using what you have and trusting God to meet the need. Seek God as to how to use what you have. There is nothing that is too little for God to use to meet any need no matter how large the need is. God can work miracles of provision as you step out in faith obeying His word.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will seek God for all of your needs; that you will see God provide abundantly what is needed; that you will use what you have to God’s glory; and that you will trust God with what you have.

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