Leviticus 25:11 Celebrate And Trust God For Provision

The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines. Leviticus 25:11

Getting one’s money’s worth out of something is what most people strive to do. They want everything that is available to them, right down to the very last little piece. There is a constant push to get more and more, to not miss out on anything.

Very few will stop and celebrate what they already have not recognizing how they have what they have already. Fear of lack drives them to get more and more.

God set the fiftieth year for a year of celebration. During that year the Israelites were to not work the fields, but trust God for provision with what the land grows.

Although in today’s society most people do not rely upon their own gardens to provide food for them, they do often rely upon their own work. Feeling the need to provide completely for oneself is common for most people.

They work and strive to bring in what they feel is needed at any cost, never stopping or slowing down to celebrate what they already have. Push is always made for more and more causing a drop in production and quality.

While believers are to work in order to eat, there are to come times when they stop for a moment to celebrate what God has blessed them with. Realization that it is God who is providing and not self is the mark of a believer who trusts in God for all things. At that point the believer is able to stop for a time and trust God for continued provision as he celebrates God’s provision.

Believers will put their trust in God and not in their self for provision.

Take a moment to look at what God has provided for you, the strength to work and bring in the needed money to get the needed supplies. On a regular basis take a moment to stop and celebrate God’s great provision in your life. He is the one who provides both physical and spiritual needs in abundance beyond measure.

Do not allow yourself to become like the world, striving to get more and more with your own abilities. Living like that will burn you out.

Have a jubilee or time of celebrating God’s amazing provision throughout the year.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will recognize God’s provision in your life for all of your needs; that you will celebrate what God has blessed you with; and that God will strengthen you to not fight to get everything in your own abilities.

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