Exodus 40:16 Do Everything As Told By God

Moses did everything just as the Lord commanded him. Exodus 40:16

Some gifts that are opened on Christmas morning will have instructions with them to tell how one is to set up the new item. At times these instructions will be very complex, detailed and long.

There are some people out there that feel that they can put the item together without looking at the instructions. While this can occur sometimes, many times something is forgotten, missed, or ignored that was important and the item does not work properly. Afterwards the person must look at the instructions and do as he was told.

Moses did everything just as God commanded him in building everything for the tabernacle and setting it up.

Life is extremely complex and has many different interdependent moving parts that must be put together correctly to work properly. Man feels that he knows the best way to put everything together and tries to do it on his own. Often his thinking is only on the here and now of life on the earth and not on eternity.

In the process of trying to do things on his own and ignoring God’s commands, he makes a mess of everything. Instead of successfully building a life, death and despair is brought about. Failure at putting everything together correctly is guaranteed without reading and heeding to God’s instructions.

Believers will listen to and follow all of God’s instructions, even when the instructions do not make sense and are too long. Just as there is a purpose for every nut and bolt to put an item together, God has a purpose for everything challenge that shows up in the life of the believer.

As the believer trusts in and does what God says, life will move forward with purpose and eternal success.

Your life is made of many very different complex parts. It is more than you can handle on your own.

Rather than try and do it your own way, follow God’s instructions. Read the Bible and see what God has to say on how to live life. Then pray and listen to God’s specific instructions to you.

His instructions may not always make sense and even seem foolish, but know that they are the best and will work all things out for your good in the end.

Are you willing to do everything God has commanded you? Or will you skip some steps?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know all that God commands you to do; that you will trust God’s word to you; that you will do everything God commands you; and that you will see God’s hand at work in your life.

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