Genesis 24:8 Never Go Back

“If the woman is unwilling to come back with you, then you will be released from this oath of mine. Only do not take my son back there.” Genesis 24:8

Once a person leaves an area, he has many good memories of that former place. Often people desire to go back to that place, despite it probably has changed and is no longer the same.

Others often go back, even if there were bad memories, because it is the place they were familiar with. New places often scare people. This can occur with physical and non-physical places in the lives of people.

Abraham sent his servant back to his homeland to get a wife for Isaac but told him that if he cannot get a wife, he is to never bring his son back there.

Going back to a place that a person is familiar with is often desired and easy. In new places it is filled with new struggles and the unknown. Many will have forgotten about the struggles and problems of the old place remembering only the good.

Living in the world as the world does often appears easy. Often it appears that there is no enemy against oneself, and one can do whatever he desires.

As a believer, one has the world fighting against him trying to destroy him. It is a walk of faith with God, not always being able to see what is next. Because of all the battles a believer must go through, some will choose to go back to the old homeland, back into the sins of the past.

True believers will never go back. They will hold on to God and continue to walk in faith the path He has set before them whether they understand it or not, can see the path or not. the sinful path is no longer an option to live in.

You know where and what God has taken you out of. There are sins in your past that Jesus has forgiven you of and brought you into a new life of holiness and righteousness.

The enemy of your soul is out to stop you and discourage you. Do not give into the enemy and go back to your old life. Resist the devil and temptation and they will flee you.

God has brought you into a new land that will last for eternity. The old land is only death.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will see the new land God is bringing you into; that you will walk by faith the path God has you on; that God will strengthen you to resist going back into sin; and that you see the blessings of the new land God has you in.

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