Galatians 5:24 Kill The Flesh

Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Galatians 5:24

Pleasing self is one of the greatest desires of most people around the world. Everyone wants to be happy, no matter what that means or the process of getting that happiness.

The world does not see anything being wrong or bad, as long as it does not physically and immediately hurt someone else. There is no real moral absolutes according to the world, it is only what pleases self in the moment, because there is also no eternal future.

After talking about being free in Christ Jesus, Paul tells the Galatians that anyone who really does belong to Jesus will have crucified his flesh with its passions and desires.

All sin really is, is doing anything against God or not according to His desires. At the moment a person chooses to do something for himself that God has not called him to do, it is a selfish and fleshly desire, which in turn is sin, sin against God.

These actions can sometimes appear to be good, such as giving to the needy. The giving is not what is bad, but it is the giving in order to look good to someone else or to God that is sin. It becomes about self, not God.

Paul said to crucify the flesh. A crucifixion is a bloody, ugly messy job. There is no mercy upon the one being crucified.

The true believer will strive to kill his fleshly desires, no matter what the cost is or how painful it may be. His heart’s desire will be to please God and to be more like Jesus each day. It is not about self, but about God and others.

As the believer kills his flesh, God will give him life. This will be an abundant life that will spring up from inside and last for eternity.

God has given you life from the moment you chose to follow Jesus. Now be willing to kill the flesh, its desires and passions that work in you to kill you. Live the life God has provided for you, that Jesus has given an example for you.

Do not allow yourself to go back into sin, bringing death back into your life. Let the fruit of the Spirit be abundant in your life welling up into eternal life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will give you strength to crucify your fleshly desires; that you will turn to God’s ways of living life; that you will know the life God has given you; and that you will bear the fruit of the Spirit in your life.

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