Acts 7:51 Are You Resisting?

You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit! Acts 7:51

Being stubborn is something that many people like to be. They feel that they are right no matter what is shown them. They also want to do things their own way.

Acting this way is something that is often learned and continued on from generation to generation. Parents are stubborn in their ways and do things a certain way, and the children learn from them and continue in the same actions.

Stephen had been taken captive by the people for preaching the gospel message. When asked if the charges were true, he tells the history of Israel. At the end he charges the people as being just like the rest of their ancestors, killing all the prophets, resisting the Holy Spirit.

After Jesus left the earth, He sent His Holy Spirit to lead and guide His people in how to live on this earth for God’s glory. The Holy Spirit would help people to remember what God taught and said, and lead them in the right way to live for God.

Most believers will say that they don’t ignore the Holy Spirit, but they will not always do what God is telling or lead them to do or not do.

Many people just ignore what the Holy Spirit is saying. They ignore when God is nudging them to not go down a certain path. Sin is chosen over holiness and righteousness, because it is more ‘fun’ and feels good in the moment. They will crucify other believers or themselves for a momentary pleasure or self-righteousness.

Following God means that one often has to deny self and follow the Holy Spirit in the moment for a greater, eternal reward.

God’s Holy Spirit is there to lead and guide you in every area of your life, each and every day. He gives you the option as to whether you will listen and obey or not.

Do not allow yourself to ignore or resist following the Holy Spirit.

Remain open to what God is saying to you by His Holy Spirit. As you do this, God can do great things in and through you. He is able to change your heart and mind to follow after His heart and mind.

Are you resisting the Holy Spirit in your life today?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will hear the Holy Spirit leading and guiding you in your life; that you will do what the Holy Spirit tells you to do; and that you will allow God to turn your heart from the love of sin.

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