Matthew 11:4 Report What You Hear And See

Jesus replied, “Go back and report to John what you hear and see:” Matthew 11:4

Everyday people are asking questions about what is going on in other places. They are asking questions about people and situations to know and understand better.

No one can be in every place all the time, other than God. So people need to hear from others about what is occurring. This can occur when people who see and hear what is happening are willing to talk about it and pass on the information with no bias or changing of what they heard and saw.

John the Baptist’s sent his disciples to find out if Jesus was the one they were expecting to come or not. Jesus told them to go back and report what they had heard and seen.

God is always working, doing things in the lives and around the lives of every person on the earth. Not everyone can or is willing to see or hear what God is doing.

Yet, there are people who are questioning whether God is real or not. They hear some information about Jesus, but are also hearing information about the Islamic god, Buddhist gods, Hindu gods and more. Some realize there appears to be conflict of truth and want to know what is real.

The eyes and hearts of believers have been opened to know that Jesus is real. They have seen and heard things to make God real to them.

When this has occurred in their lives, it gives them a prime opportunity to talk about what they have heard and seen. During those times when a person is questioning who God or Jesus is, the believer can talk about what he has heard and seen personally.

Once people hear about Jesus, they can make their own choice as to whether to follow Him or not.

You have seen and heard God do things in your life and around your life. Instead of keeping that information to yourself, be willing to share it with others.

This is being the witness that Jesus commanded every believer to be.

There are people in this world that need to hear what you have heard and seen to be able to make the choice to believe in and follow Jesus. Do not be the one that is silent and does not allow them that opportunity, but report what you have heard and seen.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will tell others what you have heard and seen of God; that you will be the witness God wants you to be; that God will draw others to Jesus through your testimony; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.

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