Acts 9:22 Radical, Instant Change

Yet Saul grew more and more powerful and baffled the Jews living in Damascus by proving that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 9:22

Change in life is something that typically occurs over a period of time. Unless there is a major disaster, most people do not like change and resist it.

People are usually very content with where they are at. Or they are discontented, but not enough for them to do what is needed to change the way things are.

Change often requires work and effort to accomplish. It also changes one’s identity and purpose.

Saul had been a major persecutor of believers for some time. After a supernatural encounter with Jesus, he changes. He begins to go around proving Jesus is the Messiah and baffles everyone.

Every day there are people who choose to believe in Jesus and begin to follow Him. They may choose to go to some church to worship God. Other believers will support him.

However, it is very common in many churches that there is no radical change in the person’s life. He continues to hold onto some sinful activity and it is widely accepted in the church as acceptable. Churches and believers do not teach that to serve Jesus means there should be a radical change in one’s life.

Saul had such a radical change in his life that it baffled everyone who knew him. He went from being a hater of Jesus and His followers, to a promoter of Jesus.

Every person who becomes a believer should have a radical change in his life. There must be a turning away from sin. There must be a heart to tell others about Jesus. He must become a new creation in Jesus. This change should be so great that it baffles those who see him.

As a believer, your life must be radically different than your old self. Do not allow yourself to hold onto old sins and patterns. Do not try to keep one foot in the church and one foot still in the world.

Become a follower of Jesus that is so radically changed, that the world and the church stand amazed and baffled at the change. Be who Jesus saved and called you to be.

Jesus was a radical person among the people. Be a radical person for Jesus in this world.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow God to completely change your life; that God will give you strength to turn from old sinful ways; that the world will see you as a follower of Jesus; and that you will be a witness of Jesus to the world.

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