Hosea 12:6 Return To God

Vehicle turns around

But you must return to your God; maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always. Hosea 12:6 

When a person eats at a great restaurant, he will usually return to it because it was so good. When a person goes to some place of entertainment and really enjoys it because it is so good, he will most likely return again some day.

People love to go back to places that they enjoy. They want to experience that fun or joy again and again. If they had a bad experience the first time, they would not return to it.

Businesses run on the expectation that people will have a good experience and will return. If they don’t return, then the business will go out of business.

Hosea tells the people that they must return to God. They are to wait upon God at all times for everything.

Over the centuries there have been many nations that, as a whole, had served God for a time. The people had a strong belief in God and served God. Many of those same nations, including America, have walked away from God.

They have chosen to follow the was of dark spiritual forces, living in and promoting sin. They have chosen to reject God.

Living in such as a way as to reject God, will bring about a downfall and destruction. The ultimate destruction will be when Jesus returns and does not find hearts following Him and they will be cast into hell for eternal destruction.

Every person who had followed God at one point, must return to God. Individuals must return to God, so that nations will be turned towards God.

Jesus is the only way to life. The ways of this world will only lead to death. Believers must pass the message on that the world needs Jesus.

If you have chosen to walk away from God, you must return to God to really live. Living in sin is only bringing about a death. You will not find the true enjoyment in sin that you will find in God. Remember the joy you had with God.

Just as people return to a good business, return to God. He is the ultimate good that can be found. None can be found better than God. God is a God of love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

Return to God and know how good He is.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will turn from all sin towards God; and that you will seek a life with God.

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