Jeremiah 48:36 Weeping For The Lost

Weeping on steps

So my heart laments for Moab like the music of a pipe; it laments like a pipe for the people of Kir Hareseth. The wealth they acquired is gone. Jeremiah 48:36 

People and nations all around the world have had enemies that rise and fall over time. Sometimes the enemy is within their own group of people or nation, while other times they are outside of their group or nation. Some of these enemies are known worldwide, while others are known to just a few.

One common thing around the world is that when the enemy falls, the people rejoice. They are glad and excited to see when the enemy is getting crushed.

God tells Jeremiah of the judgements that will be coming upon various nations around Israel. Each one is going to be brought down and crushed under His judgement. As God talks about what will occur to Moab, His heart is crushed also. He weeps for Moab and their destruction.

Believers often act in the same way as the world does when it comes to an enemy’s downfall. They rejoice and are glad about it, especially when it is the death of the enemy.

Many people, both believers and non-believers, rejoiced when Saddam Hussein was killed. They were glad to see him dead.

This is not a heart after God’s heart. God does not rejoice in the death of an enemy. His heart is to see everyone believe in and follow Jesus. He wants an eternal relationship with every person. God actually rejoices in the death of a believer because it means that person is now with Him for eternity.

Every believer should weep over the death of an enemy, because that person who died no longer has a chance to believe in Jesus. It should be the heart of believers to see everyone be saved, as was Jesus’ purpose on this earth.

Take a look at how your heart measures up against God’s heart. How do you feel when you hear news of a dreaded enemy that has died, whether by natural causes or by a killing?

Does your heart break over the lost chance to become a believer? Or does your heart rejoice at the judgement upon an enemy?

Do not forget that you were a mortal enemy of God’s at one time. It is by grace that you are saved. Have grace upon your enemies and weep for them.

I pray today that you will know the love God has for all people; that you will have a heart after God’s heart; that you will weep as God does for the lost; and that you will be God’s witness to everyone you meet.

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