Jeremiah 30:22 Who Is Your God?

Rocks with a lighthouse

So you will be my people, and I will be your God. Jeremiah 30:22

All around the world there are many different nations and inside of each nation, many different groups of people. Each group of people has their own way of doing things that make them unique. Each group has their own set of leaders that they follow. Each group has their own desires that they feel are the best for them.

Some of the things that they follow or agree to have become like a god to them. They follow with a whole-hearted devotion some person, belief, tradition, or concept.

Israel had been chosen by God, but at some point they chose to walk away and follow other false gods. God had chosen to put them into exile and destroy them as a nation. However, God also planned to restore them and bring them back as His people. Jeremiah quotes God in saying that they will be His people and He will be their God.

A question every person must ask themselves is who is their God or god?

Most nations have a belief in God somewhere in their history. At some point, as a whole, each nation had followed God. However, most have turned away from God as a whole. They have chosen to follow false gods and reject God.

There are many in the church who claim God as their God, but in reality follow false gods every day. They follow self, the ways of this world, the things of this world, rather than God Himself.

This does not have to stay that way. Just as He had done with Israel, God is ready for people to return to Him and follow Him again. Jesus is right there ready to forgive and restore God’s people back to Him. Regardless of what nation or people group a person comes from, God is willing to be his God.

As you take a look at your life, who is your heart truly seeking and following? Are you being like the world and following the things and ways of this world, following false gods? Are you allowing little, false gods into your life?

Turn to God and find forgiveness and make Him your God. Allow God to be the one who is in absolute control of your life.

He wants to be your God, your only God. He also wants you to be part of His people, His family. Who is your God today?

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will follow God with all of your heart; that you will allow God to be in control of your life; and that God, alone will be your God.

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