Isaiah 27:7 God Strikes Differently

Lightning strike

Has the Lord struck her as he struck down those who struck her? Has she been killed as those were killed who killed her? Isaiah 27:7 

People often see punishment in a negative sense. There is often nothing good seen in one being punished for something that was done wrong.

The common reasoning for this is that most often people punish with the idea of getting revenge and to cut someone else down. There is seldom any redemptive qualities to being punished or struck in the way people punish other people.

This view on what punishment is often carried over to view as to how God will punish someone. It is often seen as a way to destroy a person or just to get revenge.

Isaiah had been talking about how Israel had been struck or punished by God. It looked like everything was hopeless, but he asks for one to take a look at how God struck. It was done in a way that was different from those He struck around Israel. God did not strike to destroy,  but to correct and build up.

In the same way God will strike believers today. He is focused on making the person the best he can be, to be more like Jesus every day. God will allow negative things to occur in a person’s life to get their attention and draw them closer to Him.

Striking in this way is done out of love, not revenge or hate as the world would strike another person. God is not out to destroy a person because of His sin, but to redeem the person.

There will come a day when Jesus will return and God will strike the world with His revenge to destroy, but this is not done today to believers. God does what is necessary today to build up, not destroy.

When you feel God’s  hand strike you, take a moment and see where you are with Him. If you are living in a sinful way, repent and turn back to Him. If you are following Him correctly, know that God is allowing you to be tested to see if you really trust Him and will follow Him.

God loves you with an undying, eternal love that is only looking out for your best. His strike at you is only to build you up, not destroy you. Instead of fighting God, allow God to build you in His way.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will not fear God’s correction in your life; that you will be more like Jesus every day; and that you will grow under God’s hand upon your life. 

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