Proverbs 19:11 Wisdom Produces Patience

Patience in fishing

A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11 

Being offended by someone is something that can occur very easily. In today’s society it is more common to hear about someone being offended by something than someone who is not being offended.

People are trying to erase the dark side of America’s history, because they are offended by it. There were things that were said and done that were wrong. Today if you talk about that past, many will get offended.

Those who get offended often put up a fight. They want to strike back and make a change. Often it is done immediately with no thought about what was said. There is rarely any thought given as to why something was said or done, other than it was offensive.

Those getting offended does not just confine itself to those in the world, but inside the church. Believers get offended by other believers, or even non-believers. The reality is that the offense is just someone making a bad choice.

Solomon points out another value of wisdom. Wisdom will bring about patience in a person. That patience will cause a person to overlook an offense.

Wisdom helps a person to realize the truth behind an offense. It can give the person eyes to see how bad the offense really is.

Most often the offense is does no real damage. It is also often done out of ignorance. Many people do not always know what will offend another and just say or do things that could be seen as offensive.

Rather than striking back immediately, wisdom will cause a person to stop, think about it, and realize the offense was just words. There is no real harm being done.

One does not need to take offense. He must have patience and guide the person onto the right track. Rather than fighting back, he must overlook it.

You will have times where you will get offended by someone. Someone will say or do something that offends you. You will have a choice to make.

Do not be like the world and strike back or try to offend the person. Be willing to love and forgive as Jesus forgave you. Look past the offense and see why the person is the way he is.

This is where wisdom comes in. It is knowing how to best use the knowledge you have. Knowing that the offense is only a light and momentary trouble, not worth fighting.

I pray today that God will fill you with His wisdom; that God will help you see people as He sees them; that God will give you His patience with other people; that you will turn to God for strength when you get offended; and that you will love others as God loves them. 

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