Proverbs 8:35-36 Finding Life Or Death

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For those who find me find life and receive favor from the Lord. But those who fail to find me harm themselves; all who hate me love death. Proverbs 8:35-36 

Very few people actually seek death. Most people want to live and want to live a full life. They seek to find and do things that are enjoyable and full of life, or appear to be full of life.

Often the seeking of life is sought in doing things or having things. People want to do the latest and greatest thing. They want what everyone else has and is doing.

In the process of seeking life, many throw all caution to the side. They will grab for whatever is available, paying to attention to the cost or dangers involved.

As Solomon talks about seeking and gaining wisdom, he points out the value in finding wisdom. Those who find it gain life and God’s favor. Those who do not find wisdom harm themselves and gain death.

Wisdom is being able to use information or knowledge correctly. It is easy for people to gain knowledge, but often people do not use it correctly. People are very quick to seek knowledge, going to college, searching on Google, watching YouTube videos, but are slow at seeking wisdom with the information that they find.

Believers are often in the same way. They can quote scripture with ease, but don’t always use wisdom in how to apple those scriptures. Many scriptures are often taken out of context or used to harm someone.

Once wisdom is found, one learns how to really live a full life for God and to apply His word to his life. Those who do not find wisdom or refuse to seek for it, will harm themselves and others. They are really in love with death.

Not having wisdom will cause one to make choices that will only lead to sin and death.

You are just like others in having gained some knowledge, knowledge of God and this world. How you use that knowledge is found in wisdom.

Seek to know how to use what information God has allowed you to learn. Use it wisely for His glory and purpose in your life. Gain the life that God wants to give you.

Do not allow yourself to ignore wisdom and make poor choices that bring about death. Seek God and His wisdom and you will find His favor and life.

I pray today that God will fill you with His wisdom; that you will know God’s ways and how to live by them; that you will use what God is giving you correctly; and that you will know life in God. 

Psalm 90:12 Number Your Days

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Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 

As a person is waiting for something exciting and fun to happen that is planned, he will often count the days until it is supposed to happen. The days will appear to drag by slowly, never seeming to get there. Children are known for this waiting for a birthday, Christmas or school getting out for the summer.

When a person is young, he feels as if he has lots of time to do whatever he wants. He has his whole life ahead of him. It is almost as if he feels he will live forever. Many in the world will think this way, and then also live this way.

They will choose to live in sinful ways, not knowing or thinking that there is coming a day when it will be over and there will be a day of reckoning.

Moses asked God to help him number his days. He wanted to do this in order to gain a heart of wisdom.

Knowing and understanding that a person has only a limited number of days on this earth can bring some wisdom. It will cause the person to think about what his actions are and how important they really are or are not.

Some will waste their days playing games, while others will be productive.

Believers will also need to number their days. They only have a short time on this earth. This has a two-fold meaning. One that he has a short time to be a witness and tell as many people as possible who Jesus is.

The other is that when going through troubles and hardships, he can know it is only temporary. It is only for short time before it will all be over.

Both ways gives a person wisdom in how to really live his life for God.

Regardless of what your age is, you can still number your days. You may be young with a longer life ahead of you, or you may be older nearing the end.

Each day you live on this earth, you have an opportunity to be His witness. You also have the opportunity to make the right choice in how you live for and serve God with your life. You also know that the struggles will come to an end soon.

Ask God to help you number your days, so that you may live your life in the right way for Him.

I pray today that God will reveal to you how short your life is; that God will show you what you need to do each day for Him; that you will choose to live for God daily; and that you will know the hope you have in Jesus. 

Job 28:28 Real Wisdom And Understanding

Fear of God

And he said to the human race, “The fear of the LORD–that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.” Job 28:28

Gaining wisdom and understanding has been a goal of humans since the beginning of mankind. People are very curious and want to know more and more. They want to understand how things work and why they work the way that they do.

In the search for wisdom and understanding, billions of dollars are spent annually on education and studies. Often one thinks he has the answer to solve many of life’s challenges. Currently many people think that they have the solution to the violent crimes being committed in America with enacting more rules. The solutions range from both ends of the spectrum and all have problems and really don’t solve the issue.

In this section on Job, there is talk of finding wisdom and understanding. When searching by physical means, no one can find them. They are hidden. In the end wisdom is only found in fear God and understanding is found when one turns away from evil.

Fear God is seen as wisdom, because God is the One who created everything and is in control of everything, so He is the One who sets all the rules and regulations. Respecting and obeying God makes one wise. The world rejects God and so does not have true wisdom. Their thoughts only bring about more destruction and death.

When one begins to turn from evil, he then has a true understanding of what is going on and what is best. Sin not only brings about a momentary pleasure, but will also bring about death and destruction.

The world does not have a full understanding of what is happening, because they promote sin and death, while ‘striving’ to combat it. Only in Christ Jesus is there true wisdom and understanding.

Focus your life upon God and His word. As you do that, you will begin to have wisdom and understanding that this world cannot understand nor have. You will be able to understand the troubles in this world better with the eternal focus of God in mind. You will know and understand the best path to take as you follow God’s ways and directions.

Who can be better at giving wisdom and understanding than God, who has been there since the beginning of time and created everything. Trust His wisdom and understanding.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that God will fill you with His wisdom; that God will give you understanding of what is happening; and that you will know God’s peace in your life, despite the chaos of this world. 

Job 12:13 It Belongs To God


To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his. Job 12:13 

Seeking wisdom, power, counsel and understanding are some things that people have sought ever since mankind has been on this earth. Some have written volumes of books on giving wisdom and counsel. People will automatically think of certain people when it comes to wisdom and counsel. Quotes are often heard from a few famous authors as being very wise.

Power is also sought by many. Leaders have risen and fallen who have sought great power. Some seek it in ways to control others, while a few seek to just help others. There have been many who have used the power gained in very bad ways, while others have used it in positive ways.

Job points out that all these things belong to God. Without God, there is no wisdom, power, counsel or understanding.

The best wisdom ever stated can always be traced back to God words. People will often say some great things, but if it is truly great, it can also be found in the bible. If it does not show up in the bible, often there is a fault with it, it will fall short of good wisdom.

Without God, no one has the power to do anything, not even breath. God is the one who created and sustains everything that there is.

God gives counsel as to what is the best thing to do or how to react to a situation. The world gives ideas, but, again, often falls short of good counsel. The counsel of this world is selfish and short-term, whereas God’s is eternal and full of love for all, not just self.

Men try to understand why things happen, but only God fully knows the truth. Things happen that people just cannot fully understand because it is outside of the way they can think. God is above the understanding of man.

There will be times you will be seeking wisdom, power, counsel and understanding. Instead of running to the world and seeking faulty direction, run to God. Seek God first in everything and all these things will be given to you in its proper time.

God is there to direct all of your steps in the perfect way. Since He created you and everything in this universe, He knows what is best for you. Trust Him in everything that you need, it is His anyways.

I pray today that God will give you His wisdom; that God will give you His power, that God will give you His counsel; that God will give you His understanding; and that you will trust God in every area of your life.