Psalm 55:21 Smooth, But Deadly Talk


His talk is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords. Psalm 55:21 

Salesmen are known to be able to talk to a person very smoothly. The best salesmen are the ones who can talk someone into buying something that they cannot afford or really want.

Lawyers are another group of people who are known to be able to talk. They can get a person to say things that he did not want to say, bringing on a conviction. When it happens, the person is surprised because it happened so quickly and smoothly.

Talk is something that is easily done. However, understanding what is really being said is another thing. The world will often talk as if it really cares about people, that they are looking out for what is best for everyone, yet, what they are saying is bringing about death.

David had a friend betray him. He had been speaking words that sounded good, but were deadly. There was a war going on and not always a physical war.

The world talks about believers in a way that makes them out to be haters and deadly. They speak in such smooth words that it turns the words of a believer around, making them look to be the bad guys.

Believers can also fall into this same trap with the way they talk. Talking about how a sinner is a sinner and doing everything wrong can sound good, but often it is harsh judgement with no love in the words.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit can help a believer discern what someone is really saying. The Holy Spirit can also reveal what the believer is really saying to others or about others.

The words of God are filled with love, mercy and compassion. There is no deception being spoken as many in the world speak. These are the words believers should be speaking.

There will be times when people will speak to you in deceptive words. The world will strive to convince you that its way of living is the way to live. Allow yourself to be filled and guided with the Holy Spirit, to know what is really the truth and not deadly.

Allow your words, also, to be the words of God, rather than those of the world. Do not be deceptive in what you say. Build others up and point them to God, rather than destroy.

I pray today that you will be filled and guided by God’s Holy Spirit; that God will reveal words spoken to you and their meaning; that God will guide your words spoken to others; and your words will be the words of God bringing life to others.

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