A New Series Study

Wedding shoes

All over the world there is one thing that every nation has–marriages. Over the years the views and the way marriage looks and is considered has changed.

Recently there has been a lot of debate about what marriage is. Every where a person looks there are people who are in marriage, but are struggling. Divorce is a common action that occurs. It is rare to meet a couple who has been married more than a few years with only one spouse.

With this in mind, I have been led by God to do a study on marriage. I want to look at what marriage is, what it is not, some things that make a marriage work, some things that will destroy a marriage, and also divorce and remarriage. In all of these questions I will strive to use scripture to back what I believe God says about marriage.

Whether you are someone who is happily married or one who is struggling in a marriage, you may find some benefit in this study. Those who are still single may learn to know what to look for and expect in a marriage.

I will say that I am no expert on marriage, nor do I have a degree that gives me any thing extra. I am just a man who has been married for over 27 years to one wonderful wife. I am also a believer in Jesus and strive to live my life the way Jesus lived His. God has given me the ability to share what He has taught me over the years through this blog and I want to share some of what I have learned or experienced in marriage.

I hope that you will join me in this journey and be willing to share it with others who may also need this information. May we all grow stronger in the Lord and in our marriages or marriages to be.

These posts will show up, Lord willing, each Monday until it is finished.

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