Deuteronomy 1:32 Still Not Trusting God

Hand with dove

In spite of this, you did not trust in the LORD your God, Deuteronomy 1:32

At times there are people who will refuse to believe something, regardless of the proof right before their very eyes. All the facts are laid out before them, yet, they will not believe the truth. They want to hold onto what they believe, no matter what anyone says or does.

One reason many do not want to believe something, is that it means that they are wrong, and no one wants to be wrong. Being wrong means one must change.

Another major reason people do not want to believe something, is that, often, it means that they are not in control, but someone else is. Most people want to be in complete control of everything in their life.

The Israelites had been traveling throughout the wilderness. While traveling they saw many miracles of God’s provision and direction in their lives. Yet, despite all of the great miracles, they refused to trust God. They would rebel against God about everything.  God had been showing Himself faithful in leading them, but they would complain about everything, and not trust God.

People have not changed over the years. Believers go to church every week, they read the Bible daily, and have seen God’s provision and guidance in their lives, yet they refuse to trust God. They often choose to not remember the things God has done in their lives, forgetting His faithfulness. When a situation comes up in their lives, they get fearful.

Individuals are quick to run to others for help and guidance, instead of trusting God in the situation. They seek those in the world, because God did not act the way they think He should. Some will even completely walk away from following God, rather than trust Him.

Take the time to remember all the things God has already done in your life. Notice how faithful God has been to you in providing for all of your needs, giving you strength, giving you hope, and guiding your steps in this life.

As you remember these things, do not lose hope when bad situations occur. Know that God will always remain faithful to you. God will always guide you correctly and meet all of your needs in His way and time.

Never allow yourself to be accused of not trusting God as the Israelites were. Keep trusting God.

I pray today that you will remember what God has done for you; that you will trust God in everything, with everything; that you will listen to God’s guidance for you; and that you will never be accused of not trusting God.

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