Acts 23:5 Watch What You Say

Peaceful stream

Paul replied, “Brothers, I did not realize that he was the high priest; for it is written: ‘Do not speak evil about the ruler of your people.'” Acts 23:5

Paul had been taken in for preaching the gospel message and was being questioned. Ananias, the high priest, requested that Paul be struck for what he was saying. Paul yells at him for commanding that he be struck. Someone then stand amazed that Paul insulted the high priest. Immediately Paul apologizes, because he knows he is not supposed to speak evil about any ruler.

In America, there is freedom of speech and many people will use to the point of abuse. When there is a leader who they do not like, there are often words being spoken against that leader. These words are not only against the leader, but also insulting and degrading.

Comedians will cut down leaders in a negative, rude way. People will curse their leaders on a regular basis, and link the leader to Satan. This can happen to leaders of the nation or just a leader in the workplace. In the break room, there are many times people are cursing their boss or some other manager, because of a decision that was made.

People in the church have not been much better. There is often talk that cuts down the pastor or some other leader in the church. Instead of showing love, people will bash leaders in the world.

None of these actions are the ways of God. God wants love to be shown. God wants people to be lifted up, not cut down.

One may not agree with the leader, but that does not require speaking evil of and cursing the person. God has placed every leader in position for a reason, regardless of how good or bad the person is. Trust in God’s decision must be in place.

When you are in disagreement with a leader, you must be willing to pray for that person. Show love and mercy to that person. Do not stand there and cut the person down before others. You can express disagreement, without insulting the leader.

In a time of much unrest and hate of leadership, seek God to give you the words to speak. Find words of love and building up, rather than insulting and cutting down. Watch your words so that you can draw people to Jesus, not run them away.

I pray today that you will speak as Jesus spoke; that your words will be words of love and building up; that you will show proper respect for all leaders; and that your words will draw people to Jesus.

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