Acts 8:4 Keep Spreading The Word

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Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. Acts 8:4

The leaders of the temple and the government were putting pressure upon the Christians to give up their belief in Jesus. Persecution was rising and many people were being tossed into prison and scattered away from their homes. As they were scattered to different locations, they kept spreading the gospel message wherever they went.

When trouble occurs and a person is forced to move, it is not usually looked upon as a good thing to happen. People look at trouble as being just that…trouble and hardship. It gets even worse when it is trouble in the form of persecution.

People who are persecuted for their beliefs today will often try to fight back. When a person is ridiculed for his faith, or fired from a job because of his faith in God, that person usually tries to take the one who did wrong to court. He wants to get vengeance against the person who did wrong and make him pay for the hardship.

This type of action increases even more when the persecution results in jail time or some other harsh occurrence.

Looking back on the believers in the bible, they did not do that. Instead of seeking vengeance, they used the opportunity to spread the gospel message even more. They did not waste time on trying to take someone to court for doing wrong or persecuting them.

The believers were more concerned about getting the gospel message out to others, than they were about their own comforts and concerns. Being scattered opened new doors of opportunity for more people to hear about what Jesus had done for them.

In some countries today, the persecution is already very high for believers, while other nations it is slowly, or quickly, rising. Regardless of the level of persecution, every believer needs to take advantage of every situation to spread the gospel message.

You may or may not be under persecution, but if you must move to a new area or a new job, use that as an open door to tell more people about Jesus. Do not allow yourself to get offended about something that occurred that appears to be negative. Use that opportunity for God.

No matter where you live or work, there are people who need to hear about Jesus.

Will you keep spreading the message of Jesus?

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will tell others about Jesus; that God will give you strength and boldness to be His witness; and that many will come to know Jesus because of you. 

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