Acts 7:51 Just Like The Ancestors

Stubborn Woman.jpg

“You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!” Acts 7:51

Stephen had been falsely accused of blasphemy and the people were ready to stone him. He stood up and spoke how God has been working in mankind since the beginning of time. He also pointed out how men have rejected God over and over, again and again throughout history. Now he tells them they are just as bad as their ancestors in resisting God’s Holy Spirit.

God is a God who speaks all the time. When Jesus left the earth, He sent the Holy Spirit to guide His people in the ways and truths of God. In order for a person to be guided by God’s Holy Spirit, he must be open and listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

The Holy Spirit will remind believers of what God’s word says. In this reminder will be times to remind the person to turn away from sin. This reminder will come in the feeling that the person knows that to do some action is wrong and that it should not be done. He will also remind people to seek forgiveness for anything done that was wrong.

He will also remind people what God says about loving others. This love is not just a surface love, but a deep true love that loves even when wronged.

God’s Holy Spirit will also guide a person in what God wants the person to do. This could be in being a witness or walking a certain way.

As history has proven and Stephen had stated, many resist what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. People want to live their lives their own way and reject what God is saying to them. Yet, they want to call themselves a Christian believer.

When you reject what God’s Holy Spirit is saying to you, then you are rejecting God and Jesus. You are saying that you know better than what God does.

The more you reject the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life, the further you slip away from God. Your heart becomes cold and your ears are stopped up from hearing God.

Do not allow yourself to become like this. Do not resist the guidance of the Holy Spirit as many have done in the past. Be led by God’s Holy Spirit.

I pray today that you will know God’s Spirit in your life; that you will not reject the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit; that you will live your life sold-out to God; and that you will allow the Holy Spirit to change you daily.


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