John 7:16 Not Your Own Teaching

Jesus Teaching.jpg

Jesus answered, “My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me.” John 7:16

Jesus had been teaching the crowds during the festival. Many people were very amazed at His level of teaching and wondered how He could teach so well. They knew that He had never went to school for this type of teaching. Jesus pointed out that He was teaching something that was given to Him and that it was not His own knowledge or learning.

Teachers usually teach from something that they know about or have experience in. Beginning level teachers often stumble over what they say or make mistakes in the information that they are presenting.

The longer a person teaches a given subject, the better the person gets at teaching it. As the person teaches, he may learn new ways to teach the subject, or different ways to present it, and also he learns new information to cover in the subject. Experience and training go a long way in learning to teach others.

Jesus did not have training or experience in teaching others. He came on the scene, never having gone to college for a bible degree, and was able to teach. He had never spoke before large crowds or went to seminars on how to get the crowds to listen to Him. Jesus never had a public speaking class. Yet, He spoke with knowledge and authority.

The reason He could speak that way, was that He was being led by God’s Holy Spirit on what to say and do. God has absolute perfect experience in speaking with authority. He spoke and the heavens were created.

Too often believers rely upon their own training and wisdom to speak words of God. They use their own experience only, and do not listen to what God wants them to say. When this occurs, people will not listen as much and will not be amazed.

As a believer, whether you are speaking to one person or a whole crowd, you must be willing to listen to what God has to say. Speak the words of God in His way and in His time.

God knows exactly what each person needs to hear and when they need to hear it. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide you in what to say. Teach what God wants you to teach. Do not teach your own words and thoughts.

I pray today that you will be guided by God’s Holy Spirit; that you will hear what God wants you to say; that the words you speak will be those of God; and that others will hear God’s words through you.



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