Luke 24:25 How Foolish To Not Believe

Flowing Stream

He said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” Luke 24:25

Three days after Jesus had been crucified upon the cross, died and buried, two men were walking along talking about all that had occurred. Jesus comes up to them and talks with them, though they do not recognize Him, yet. The men talked of the hopelessness of Jesus’ death. Jesus then tells them they are foolish to not believe the prophecies of Jesus and tells them all that scriptures say about Him.

When some really great and amazing news is announced, not every one believes it is true. This is very true when it is news that is totally unexpected or nearly impossible to occur.

There are some people who will still want to claim that the world is flat and not round. Others will claim that man has never made it to the moon. After World War II was over, there were people in the jungles of the Far East countries that had not heard the war was over for several years. When they were told they just would not believe it, because they had been living for so long in battle it did not seem possible.

For all of these people, many will think that they are foolish to not believe what was told them.

The majority of the world still does not want to believe that Jesus did rise from the dead. They do not want to believe what the Bible has to say about Him.

While all Christians believe that Jesus did raise from the dead, there are many that do not necessarily believe what He has said about what He will do. Many are afraid that Jesus is not with them and will not provide for their needs. Many do not believe that He will give them strength, power and direction to be the witness He wants them to be.

You may or may not be one of those that does not believe everything Jesus says. You may have times where you struggle believing.

When you do not believe the words of Jesus, you are being foolish. Either the entire word of God is true, or it is all false. God has never failed in any of His promises to you, and He will not start now.

Do you believe what Jesus said He would do?

I pray today that you will know the words of Jesus; that you will believe the words of Jesus; that you will not doubt any words of God; and that you will trust God in every area of your life.

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