Luke 17:18 Return And Give God Praise

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“Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” Luke 17:18

One day as Jesus was walking along, ten men with leprosy called out to Him for healing. Jesus healed all ten of the men and then told them to go and show themselves to the priests. As they went, one came back to Jesus and gave Him praise. Jesus wondered where the rest were and why only a foreigner would return to give praise.

When people have a need it is common for them to cry out to God for help. The need can be a financial, physical healing, protection, or any other need that they may have. People are quick to call out to God for help. This can even happen among non-believers at times.

People know that God can help them in a time of need and cry out for His mercy on them.

However, when God does answer their prayer and meets the need, the majority move on as though nothing happened. In fact, often people think that they got lucky or that they had solved the problem themselves. They do not give God the credit.

God is always answering prayers and meeting needs in the lives of every person, every day. Many people do not see those needs as being met by God, but by their own efforts or the efforts of others.

Every believer must be quick to realize what God has done or is doing in his life. When that is realized, he must be quick to return to God and give Him thanks and praise for meeting that need.

Each day that you go through the day and things went well for you, you must be willing to give God thanks and praise for it. When those little prayers that you pray to God for get met, stop and return to Him and give Him praise.

God never has to meet your needs, but He wants to meet your needs. He loves you. So keep your eyes open to the needs He is meeting. Once you recognize a need having been met, give Him the praise that is due to Him. God is worthy of all praise, and especially when He meets a need you have.

Do not be like the rest of the men and ignore the fact that God had met a need in your life.

I pray today that you will bring all your needs before God; that you will see when God meets your needs; that you will give praise to God for meeting your needs; and that you will tell others of God meeting your needs.

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