Matthew 13:3-4 Scatter The Seed Everywhere

Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up.” Matthew 13:3-4

Jesus had started to teach the people many things, but He often spoke in parables. He liked to use everyday events to teach eternal, spiritual thoughts. In this parable Jesus tells of a farmer going out to sow the seed. The seed falls everywhere as it is scattered. Some fall on bad ground, while others fall on good ground. Some produce very well, while others do not produce at all.

Planting seeds can be a frustrating thing for some people. They go out and get the ground ready, go through all the work of planting the seeds, and then very few actual sprout. The reasons for the not sprouting can be many, not enough water, too much water, too much sun, not enough sun, bugs, animals, too many rocks, and too many weeds.

If a farmer was to look at all those things first as possible preventions, then he most likely would not sow at all. He scatters the seed out and trusts God to do the rest.

Later in this chapter, Jesus explains that the seed is the Word of God, the gospel message. It is sown out everywhere, and some take it up, while others reject it. Some sprouts for a time, then dies, while others produce well.

Every believer is supposed to be like that farmer, spreading some seed, the seed of the gospel message. He is to scatter the seed everywhere.

Some people will refuse to share the gospel message with some people, because that person (they know) will not accept it. They don’t want to waste their time.

God is the only one who can give growth to a seed. You do not know if a person will accept Jesus or not, but you must give him a chance to accept or deny Jesus.

As a witness of Jesus, you must tell everyone you can about Him and what He has done for them. It may be the one time they hear about Jesus and accept Him. You do not know what they will do. If you choose not to tell them, you may have taken their one chance to hear about salvation in Jesus.

Go and scatter your seed.

I pray today that you will share the gospel message with everyone; that God will touch the hearts of many through you; that many will accept Jesus into their life through your message; and that you will not fear sharing the gospel message of Jesus with anyone.


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