Matthew 6:33-34 Seek God’s Kingdom And Don’t Worry

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:33-34

Right after Jesus talks about giving, prayer, fasting and storing up treasures in heaven, He tells the people to seek His kingdom first. He also tells them not to worry at all. Everything that they need will be given to them.

One thing that people like to do is worry. Many people will say that they do not worry, but that they are concerned. Or they may try to play it off as being a planner.

No matter how it is termed, it is still worry. Jesus said that all a person was to do was seek His kingdom and His righteousness. God’s kingdom is made up of people, not things and money. Money will have no meaning in heaven…remember the streets are paved with gold. No one is righteous, so everyone needs His righteousness.

Seeking God’s kingdom is the process of seeking people to share the gospel message with. It is desiring to build His kingdom larger and larger. It is going in and taking back lost souls that Satan has stolen away.

The real focus is no longer on self, but upon God and others. The whole purpose of Jesus coming to this earth was to save people, not build a wealthy, toy filled kingdom.

If your focus is on building up wealth and getting more toys to play with, you will be filled with worry. The economy can drop out at any moment or you could lose your job, causing there to be no more wealth very quickly. Toys wear out, break, become outdated and worthless very quickly. There is no point in chasing after the things of this world.

Seek to be more like Jesus everyday. Put on His righteousness and holiness. Seek what He sought–souls of men and women. Give everyone a chance to accept or reject Jesus.

As you do these things, God will provide for all of your other needs. Many of what you may call needs, will no longer be seen as a need, because His kingdom and righteousness are what is important to you.

Who or what are you seeking?

Does it cause worry?

Seek Jesus first.

I pray today that God and His kingdom will be your highest priorities in this life; that you will seek to be more like Jesus everyday; that you will not worry about anything; and that God’s love, peace and faithfulness will comfort you in all things.

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