Zechariah 8:23 What Are They Saying About You?

This is what the LORD Almighty says: “In those days ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.'” Zechariah 8:23

During the time that the Israelites were in captivity, God held His hand against them. Once they had served the set time for being in captivity and turned their hearts back to God, He gave them His favor. Just as much as He was against them, He was now for them, building them back up. His Spirit would be with them so much that people would come a grab them, wanting to be with them, because they heard that God was with them.

When a person has been very successful at something, many people want to be around that person. They want some of that success to rub off on them. This is especially true when the person has been financially successful. People will talk about the wealth of someone or the business success of a person. For most people it is amazing and they want to be a part of it.

As Jesus walked on this earth, people talked about what He was doing. They could see that God was with Him. Crowds gathered around wherever He went. Before He left, He told that the disciples that they would do even greater things than He did.

Some of those things that He said they would do is shown in the book of Acts. Prison doors were opened, the dead were raised, and healings occurred with just a shadow. These are just the physical things. Letters were written that are distributed around the world to this day. Jesus never wrote one letter.

When people talk about you, what do they have to say? As they look at your life and watch you, what are they seeing?

You have God’s Holy Spirit available to you all the time. He is there to do mighty works in and through you. When Jesus is lifted up and shown to the world, He will draw men and women to Him. People will run to you wanting to know what you have. They will see that God is with you and they will want to have some of Him also.

What are people saying about you today?

I pray today that you will allow God’s Spirit to live in you; that you will allow God to work through you; that you will allow God to use you in small and great ways; and that God will draw people to Jesus through you.


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