Jonah 3:5 Give People A Chance To Believe

The Ninevites believed God. A fast was proclaimed, and all of them, from the greatest to the least, put on sackcloth. Jonah 3:5

When God originally told Jonah to go to Ninevah, he refused and fled. After taking a ride in the belly of a great fish/whale, God, again, told him to go to Ninevah. The second time Jonah does go and gives the message that because of their great sins God was going to destroy the city and all the people.

Ninevah had to have been a very corrupt city for God to choose to destroy them. Yet, His great love for them was great enough to give them a warning about the coming destruction. Everyone believed God and proclaimed a fast, hoping that God would change His mind about destroying the city.

It is easy for many believers to think that some person or a group of people are so bad and so much against God, that there is no way for them to believe in God. The only words that they have for the people are condemnation and judgment.

Others refuse to tell certain people about Jesus because of their fear of ridicule and persecution. Either way, believers who act like that are not giving the people a chance to believe in God.

No matter how bad a person is, or how far he has run away from God, as long as he has breath in this life, there is a chance for him to turn to God. Believers need to be willing to bring the gospel message of salvation by Jesus to every person. They must show His great love for each person, regardless of how terrible he is.

Remember that at one time you were living in sin on a path towards death and destruction, just like the Ninevites were. Yet, God loved you enough to show you His great love and save you.

You have a message and testimony that every person in this world needs to hear. Do not be like Jonah was and fight against telling others. Do not make God have to tell you more than once to tell someone about Jesus.

Go out into this world and give every person you meet a chance to choose to follow Jesus or to directly reject Him. Who knows how many will follow because you brought the message to them.

I pray today that you will see others with the love God has for them; that you will share the message of Jesus to every person you can; that those who hear the gospel message will accept and follow Jesus; and that God’s kingdom will grow rapidly because of your witness.


2 thoughts on “Jonah 3:5 Give People A Chance To Believe

  1. I always wondered what Jonah looked like after being inside a fish belly. Those stomach acids were not a beauty treatment on his face. I am wondering if the Ninevites took one look at him and repented. Just an Gary thought…

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