Playing Games

Playing Sports

Every weekend, all over the country people are playing games. Millions of people are watching those people playing games. Right now it is football season in America. Middle school, high school, college and pro-football games are being played by many players. This does not even include the people who get together for a quick fun game in their backyard or down at some park, the non-organized games.

Throughout the year there are different games being played. There is soccer, baseball, volleyball, golf, wrestling, and too many others to name all of them. Some people like to play multiple different types of games, while others just play one.

I have never been a person to play on a team that plays for regular competition. When I was in high school, I did try out wrestling for a while, but gave it up. I liked it, but not enough to practice everyday for an hour or two.

Over the years I have always enjoyed going out and playing a quick game of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, golf, and other games. Just to go and have a little fun, although I never played on a regular basis. Although now that I am much older and have a large family, I rarely to never play those games in more. I would rather spend time with my family.


There are days now when I take a couple of my boys outside and throw a ball or frisbee around some. With my younger boys, I will often play a game of tag, light-sabers, or hide and seek. And unless one of my boys are playing a game, I don’t watch any sport being played.

When I play a game of football, basketball or most any other sport, I can have a fun time, but in reality I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t know the specifics of playing the sport or being really good at it. Unless I am with a bunch of others who are really good at it, I will most likely lose the game. I am only going through the motions of playing a good game.

I have never been one to sit down and watch any sport, although I can enjoy some if I am watching it at your house with you. If I am watching a football game on tv, I can easily get up and leave it in the middle and really not care about the score in the end.

A&M football game

Why do people love to play or watch games being played?

Playing games is about competition and being the best. People want to escape the struggles of daily life and go have some fun. If one consistently looses all the games he plays, usually he will change the sport or just stop playing. No one wants to constantly lose.

In life, there is another game that many people like to play. It is a game with God. They want to claim they are believers in God, but really are playing a game with Him.

Even with God, people want to win their own way. God has plans for each person, however, the person does not always see those plans as a winning plan. They see them as struggles and problems, not solutions and winning.

Matthew 7_21-23.jpg


It is easy to claim to know God and claim to follow God. No one can honestly say you are wrong. Claiming to know God is not the same as following God. If you are not doing what God wants you to do, you really don’t know God and are definitely not following Him. In the end He will claim that He does not know you.

Every week millions of people go to some church, claiming to be a Christian. They are faithful to going to church every Sunday. If all a person saw of them was on Sunday, they would appear to be a good Christian believer in God. They appear to be walking with God.

People in church

Looking at many of those same people throughout the week in the rest of their world, may show a different picture. Many refuse to take time to pray or read the Bible. Very few say anything about Jesus to those they come in contact with. Their words are not loving and compassionate. Their actions follow the ways of this world, rather than those of God.

This is a game that they are attempting to play with God. People often think that they are doing good, when in reality they are only doing their own thing and not following God and His ways. They can appear like they know what they are doing and are doing good, but in reality are falling and failing in the end.

1 Samuel 16_7.png

When Samuel was looking for the new person to be king of Israel, he looked at many of Jessie’s sons and thought they were the one. They appeared to be the best and doing right. However, they were just playing a game. God looks at the heart of a person and really knows who they are and what they are about.

Galatians 6_7.png


Playing games with God is not a good thing to do. God sees through the façade of what one is doing. He sees into the heart. You cannot fool Him in any way.

You do not want to be found in the end that you played a game with God, trying to fool Him. Live your life for God from your heart. Follow God with all of your heart, and not just in word. Be His true and faithful witness in this world everyday of the week, not just on Sundays or in church.




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