Jeremiah 31:21 Set Up Road Signs

“Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take. Return, Virgin Israel, return to your towns.” Jeremiah 31:21

Israel had been scattered as a nation to other nations. They were exiled from their homeland. As this occurred, God had stated that He would bring them back to their land. As God called them back, He wanted them to set up signs and guides along the way to point the way back home. There would be many who had never lived in the homeland and would not know the direction to go, with the signs it would guide them to the correct path home.

Every person that drives down a road, traveling to some place, always needs signs to guide them. Without the signs it would make it very difficult to find where one is going. Without signs, one may think he got to where he was going, but could be in the totally wrong location. Think about Christopher Columbus. He tried to make it to India, but landed in Central America.

Along side the signposts, one was also to put up guideposts. On mountain roads there are guideposts to let a person know where the edge of the road is. They are there to protect a person from going off of the road and getting into danger.

As a Christian, you have been down a road that many have never taken yet. That is the road to salvation through Jesus. When you started to believe in Jesus and accept His forgiveness of your sins, you had made it back home to God. You are living in a new place with a new life, that many do not know.

Jesus told all believers to be His witness in this world. Just as the Israelites were to set up road signs and guideposts on the way back home, so you must set up signs and guideposts for others to see the path home.

Being a witness of who Jesus is and what He has to offer are the road signs to eternal life that every person needs to hear and see. Showing grace, mercy, forgiveness and love are the guideposts that keep a person from straying back off the path to God.

Are you willing to set up road signs and guideposts so that others may make the journey home to God? Set them up today.

I pray today know the path to God in your own life; that you will show the path to Jesus to others; that you will be a witness of who Jesus is to the world around you; and that you will bring many others home to God with you.


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