Memory Verses

There are many false beliefs and teachings in this world. Knowing what God’s word says is very important. If you are already reading the Bible, you are on your way to being strong in the Lord. However, just reading the bible does not keep you focused all day, all the time. It is easy to forget what was read.

Memorization helps keep God’s word in focus at the front of your mind. David wrote that he hid God’s word in his heart so that he would not sin against God. As you have His word hidden in your heart, you will always be thinking about what He said. It will help you remember His promises and commands to you. This will help you live your life more for God, than for this world and self.

Starting later today, I will be posting one verse from the bible to work on memorizing. Take time to read it. Write it down and carry it with you each day. I will post one verse every Friday for you to work on.

Each morning when you get up, look at that verse and try to quote it. As you are driving to work, think about that verse. As you are doing chores around the house, think about that verse. As you walk through a store, think about that verse. As you are filling your car with gas, think about that verse.

Quote it several times a day, each day and you will soon have it memorized, hidden in your heart.

May you know God’s blessings as you memorize and hide His word in your heart.

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