Isaiah 6:8 Send Me!

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Isaiah had a vision, or in some way a chance to see God on His throne in the temple. As he sees God there, God is asking the question of who He can send. God does not make any mention of where He was sending the person, or for what purpose, just that He needed to send someone. Isaiah boldly speaks up and says that he is right there and asks God to send him.

Businesses and organizations are always looking for people to do things for them. The military is the largest organization that is always looking for someone to volunteer to join and do something.

Some common questions that people ask when they are asked to join up are: What are you doing? What do I do? Where do I have to go? How much do I get paid? How long is the commitment? And why?

God is still in the business of asking the question of whom He can send. The questions people ask other people, they also ask God. Along with asking those questions, many start to cut themselves down. They say they are not worthy to do the job, or don’t have the experience, or they are too busy or some other reason not to volunteer.

It is easy to turn down a job from God. Yet, God equips and strengthens everyone who does step up to the plate and volunteer to do the job.

God may not be asking you to go to the nations around the world, or to even move across your nation. He is always asking you to go to those around you. He needs you to be willing to go to those who need to hear about Him that you come in contact with.

You have a message that the world needs to hear–that Jesus died and rose again for every person and wants to forgive and save them. God is looking for people to send out with that message.

Are you willing to step up and tell God to send you?

Or will you hide and back down from the call God has made?

Tell God, “Send me!”

I pray today that you will hear God’s call for volunteers; that you will speak out the message God has for this world; that you will tell everyone about Jesus; and that you will trust God to help you.


4 thoughts on “Isaiah 6:8 Send Me!

  1. He has sent me where I had no desire to go and guide me to do things I did not want to do.
    In reflection I praise Him every day for it because of the honour of serving Him in challenging situations has brought us closer to each other.
    May you be blessed in amazing service unto Christ our Heavenly King.

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    • Thank you. I look forward to the day in heaven when God reveals how much He used my little work to do His will. God can use a little to do a lot, if we are willing. Thanks for reading and the comment.


  2. The times when I have said “Yes” to God are a constant reminder that he does take care of us and gives peace. When I have said “No” I look back and these times have regrets that I would go back and change if I could. Do I learn from this? not very well. I think I am only able to say “Yes” when I am really walking with God in a close relationship as I seem to have wobbly legs in stepping out by faith.

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    • I am with you on that one! Too often I have said “No” and regretted it afterward. It definitely has to do with how close I am walking with God and focusing on Him and His will. Thanks for reading and sharing the comment.


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