The Risk Factor

Title: The Risk Factor: Crossing The Chicken Line Into Your Supernatural Destiny
Author: Kevin Dedmon & Chad Dedmon
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers Inc
Date: 2011
Pages: 205

Kevin and Chad are a father and son who work in ministry together. They chose to write this book to encourage people seek out their spiritual destiny. They equate faith with risk. Having faith means that there is a risk involved.

They point out how Jesus had allowed Himself to be led by His Father and would not do anything without His leading. Every believer is to live their lives in the same way that Jesus did.

One of the things that Jesus (and the Father) did was take risks. He went up to the lepers and touched them. He called and trained some men to take over His ministry when He left the earth. Jesus told Lazarus to come out of the tomb after being dead for several days. He allowed Himself to be killed on the cross. God took a big risk at sending Jesus to the earth to do a work. What if Jesus would have backed out and refused to die on the cross? All His work would fall apart.

Each of these things were a risk. What if something did not happen? Or if it backfired and did not work out the way He hoped for?

In the same way believers are live their lives as a risk. The authors described ways in which they felt led by God’s Holy Spirit and took a risk in doing something. In the end there were many times where God showed up and lives were changed.

An example of their risks was going up to a person, in public, on crutches and asked if they could pray for healing for the person. The person was immediately healed. Then many others in the store would hear of it and ask for prayer. Many people were healed and many gave their lives to Christ.

They point out that there is always a level of fear and that they have to push through the fear to see what God can and will do. One of them talked about the fear of extreme downhill skiing. Each time they just have to go over the edge and get going. Once they get going, the thrill of the ski trip becomes a reality, despite the fear.

As believers learn to step out in faith and take a risk for God, they must be given room to make mistakes and learn. Often people do not step out in faith because of fear of being wrong or rejected. God never said that you would do everything perfect, but He does expect you to step out in faith and try.

Very few people try to do anything great for God, yet Jesus said you would do greater things than Him.

In this book, the authors challenge the believer to take a risk for God. Step out and be the light of this world. Be willing to give the message God has for all people. See what God can do through you. Be a world changer.

The chapters are easy to read and short. They use real life stories and ask many of the questions most people would ask in taking a risk.

It will challenge your faith in God. Is your faith alive and active–doing things for God?

Or is it dead, just believing God, but not doing anything for God?

One quote from the book I like: “Whenever the enemy tries to shout at me with the accusations of intimidation and fear, I take courage because I know my destiny in God is getting ready to be revealed.” page 141

I recommend every believer to read this book. Take a serious look at your faith in God and determine if it is alive or dead. Then ask God to help you take the steps of risk to be used by Him in mighty ways.


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