Psalm 105:8 God’s Promise

He remembers his covenant forever, the promise he made, for a thousand generations, Psalm 105:8

Promises are made all the time by people all over the world. Some of those promises are kept and faithfully fulfilled, while many are broken.

Some of those promises are made in the heat of a moment, but never really intended to be carried out. People in the middle of a heated sales pitch, make a purchase of an expensive item, bought on credit, and never really think about how they will ever pay the credit card off. They ignore the bill and decide not to pay for it.

Others make a promise about something and intend to keep it, but when hard times come, they forget about it or excuse it away. Reasons for not fulfilling the promise abound greatly.

The problem with not fulfilling a promise is so great that contracts have to be signed with a ton of legal babble all the way through it. All the legal babble is in there to hold the person accountable to his promise, regardless of what happens. It covers all the loop-holes that may be attempted to be used to get out of fulfilling the promise.

Since man is this terrible at keeping promises, many do not trust God with His promise. The promise shown here is His covenant with Israel that they would be His people forever. That promise has never changed and never will.

Added to that promise are the people who believe in Jesus. If you are believer in Jesus, you, also, are part of that promise. You are one of God’s people forever. In fact, now you are a child of God.

You can rest assured that God will keep you as His child. Since you are His child, you can also rest assured that He will take care of you in the best way possible. God has not, nor will ever forget His promise that He made.

He will keep it for more than a thousand generations, it will be kept forever.

You can look forward to the day when Jesus will return to take you home to heaven for all eternity. You will inherit all that God has to offer someday. Do not worry or fear that it is all in vain.

Trust God, He has not forgotten His promise to you.

I pray today that you will know the promise of God to you; that God will remove fear that He has forgotten His promise to you; that you will rest on the promises of God; and you will know the peace He has for you.

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