Psalm 44:8 Boasting And Praise

In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever. Psalm 44:8

Boasting is something that can be seen anywhere a person looks. Turn on the television and watch the commercials. Every business boasts that it has the best product. Other businesses will boast about all of the awards that they have received.

People are no different from the companies boasting about their products. When someone accomplishes some great task, he does a lot of boasting about what he did.

Many will also boast about something in their family. When a new baby is born, both the parents and grand-parents boast that the baby is the best, cutest baby ever born to anyone. When a daughter performs a good recital, many will boast that she was the best there. Or when a son gets a touchdown for a football game, they will boast about him being their son, the football player.

All of these things are temporary and are not always truly the best thing as said. Man and the things he makes only last a short time. It is also very prejudicial when boasting that something is the best.

One that every believer can boast about is God. God is perfect in every way possible. There is absolutely nothing that He does that is wrong.

Think about all the things God has done for you. He created you; He made this world for you; He provided salvation for you; He redeemed you back; He gave you the breath you have; He provides you with food; He loves you; He forgives you; He is merciful; He fills you with joy; He guides your every step, and the list goes on.

God really is the best that there is. When you boast, it should be boasting about God. Boast about what He has done for you, that is what the great commission is, telling others about Jesus.

Then as you boast about Him, give Him praise. Lift up His name before this world and honor it.

Don’t waste your time boasting about the things of this world and giving them praise, when it is God who has done it all for you. Boast and praise about the One who is perfect and is the best.

I pray today that you will know what God has done for you; that you will tell others what God has done; that you will give praise to God for all that He has done; and that your joy will be in knowing God more and more.


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