Psalm 32:3-4 Keeping Silent

When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer. Psalm 32:3

In the verses right before these quoted, David talks about the person whose sins are forgiven are blessed. Now he is talking about when he was silent, he suffered greatly day and night.

Sin will weigh heavy on a person, because sin is what will bring about death. It also brings about separation from God.

People often wonder why they cannot sleep and why they have no strength from day-to-day. If those people are believers, it can be that they have sin in their lives that they have not repented of. They are silent about what they have done.

God cannot be around sin and will not honor one who is living in sin. He allows His Holy Spirit to touch the life of someone to draw them closer to Himself. In order to get closer, all sin must be removed. During the time of David, sin was covered up by the sacrificing of animals. Today, sin is removed by the blood of Jesus.

Jesus had become the perfect sacrifice to remove all sin, because He not only died, but also rose from the dead to take away all sin. Believers who have chosen to not repent of a sin, have chosen to move away from God’s presence. Not being in God’s presence removes His peace and rest.

Those in the world who purposely live in sin, are always having to watch their back. They are always having to cover themselves of wrongs being done. There is no peace in their lives.

As a believer, you can have that peace that passes all understanding. That peace is the peace that comes when you are forgiven and are in right standing with God. It is peace between you and God. When you are at peace with Him, you will be able to be at rest and will have all the needed strength you need.

God will be able to give you what you need, because you are in right standing with Him.

Do not allow yourself to be silent before God. Admit what you have done wrong and repent of it. Accept the forgiveness Jesus offers and receive His peace and rest.

I pray today that you will be open with God about your sin; that you will not be silent before God; that you will know the rest that God can give you; and that you will allow Jesus to remove all sin from your life.

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