Psalm 10:17 God Hears And Encourages

You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, Psalm 10:17

David started off this Psalm wondering why God was standing a long ways off. He felt that he was all alone. By the time he gets to the end of the Psalm, David knows that God is listening to all who are going through trouble. God reaches down and encourages them and hears what they have to say.

Every person on this earth has had troubles and challenges in life. Some have greater challenges than others, but all have them. It does not matter whether the trouble one is going through is a terminal illness, or a temporary illness, a loss of a job, divorce, or someone being cruel physically or with words, troubles are everywhere.

As people go through hard times, many will cry out to God for help and relief. When they cry out to God and do not get instant results, many will wonder where God is or if He is even listening to them.

Throughout the entire Bible, one of the messages God repeats consistently is that He is with His people. He hears their cries. God told Joshua to be strong and courageous. A few thousand years later, Jesus told the disciples that He would always be with them.

Those lines have never changed. God is still with you to this day. He hears your every cry.

The way to be encouraged is looking back at how God has been with every believer. Read the entire Bible and see how God met the needs of many different people, of all walks of life.

Do not forget to read the end of the Bible in Revelation. In the end Jesus will return and take all of His children home to live in heaven for eternity.

If you continue to believe in God and serve Him, you will win in the end. It does not matter the troubles you are going through today. Be encouraged with the knowledge that God is with you and will win the battle.

The old hymnal song says, “it will be worth it all, when we see Jesus.” Be encouraged today, God is listening to your cries. You are not alone.

I pray today that you will know that God is listening to you; that you will know that you will win with God in the end; that God bring you relief from  your troubles; and that God will strengthen you through your troubles in this life.


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