Job 19:25 My Redeemer Lives

I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth. Job 19:25

Job gets frustrated with the judgements his friends are making against him. He believes that he must have done something wrong, but also believes that is only between him and God. Job then starts complaining about God being against him, trying to crush and destroy him. Yet, as he complains, he knows that his redeemer is living and will be there at some point to redeem him from his troubles.

The interesting thing about Job’s statement about his redeemer is that Jesus did not exist yet, and the concept of life after death was nearly non-existent in the Old Testament. He had a hope in God that was looking to the future to a savior provided by God.

Complaining about life’s many problems is very common among most people. From the school to the workplace to the home, people like to complain. They will complain about their pay, the workload, the traffic, the weekday, other people, the weather–too hot, too cold, and the list will go on forever. And they want someone to listen to their long list of problems and solve them right away.

It easy to find a reason to complain about any situation a person is in. Things can always be better or go better, no matter how good things are.

However, as a believer, you have a reason to not complain and look past the problems and challenges in life. Belief in Jesus gives a hope that goes beyond the problems in life. The hope He gives goes even beyond life on this earth. There is life after death.

Remember that your life is just a mist that is only for a short moment in time. All of the troubles that you have are light and momentary and will be taken away. Jesus is your Redeemer who will save you in the end.

Jesus died and rose again from the grave to give you life. You must trust in that when times are tough. Do not complain about the troubles in your life, but give God praise because He lives and will redeem all that you have lost some day.

Watch this video, My Redeemer Lives, and make this your song today.

I pray today that you will know the hope you have in Jesus; that you will see the life you have been given by God; that you will know God is in control; and that you will know God’s love and care for you.


3 thoughts on “Job 19:25 My Redeemer Lives

  1. Hi Mr Tom! While I like the post, I don’t buy the fact that Jesus did not exist at the time of Job. Though implicitly mentioned in the OT, Jesus did live in heaven. For this reason, He later came to the Earth (see, He came because He was already alive in heaven. In fact, He was not created at His birth). Thank you for the timely message though!

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    • I agree with you that Jesus did exist in heaven. I am sorry if I came across as though He did not exist at all. I was looking at that He did not walk on the earth as a person at that time. He was unknown to mankind, until He came, born as a baby to become a man. Thank you for noticing this. Glad that you liked my post.

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